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So, Sega have FINALLY broken their silence over the western version of PSO2.

Phantasy Star Online 2, Sonic Team's online action-RPG which launched for Windows PCs in Japan last July, has been delayed in North America, publisher Sega told Polygon today.

The game never received a formal release date in North America, only being targeted for an "early 2013" release. Considering we're nearly out of the first quarter of the year with no word on the title's release plans, it seemed unlikely that the game would hit that goal, despite being playable last year at PAX Prime.

"Originally slated for an early 2013 launch, Sega can officially confirm that PS02 has been delayed," a Sega spokesperson told Polygon. "We don't have any specifics but will update everyone as soon as there are more details to share."

The title was also ported to Japanese PS Vitas in February of this year.

Polygon - 23/03/2013

So I guess we have no fucking clue when this thing is gonna show up. I'm guessing the F2P aspects of the JP version is giving them headaches bringing this over.

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They are basically feeding us blank information, the game was obviously already delayed.

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@video_game_king: Don't you go ending my fuck before the game comes out, mister!

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Damn, yeah, it was obvious it was delayed, but not even giving us a hint on when it may show up. I'd probably even buy the Vita tape when it shows up, and certainly would play the PC version, it's probably the only MMO that both me and some friends are interested, otherwise we tend to play solo in entirely different games.

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@morbid_coffee said:



SEGA!!! wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess this should have been expected --- you can't even trust them to bring Hatsune Miku over to the West ...

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Guys, the game is a lie, it never existed. That Japanese version we all saw/played? That was all a projection of Jeff's imagination. His ability to interpret Wi-Fi signals evolved into the power to project his will onto the internet. That's why Sega has no idea what is going on.

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what are the barium levels on this game???? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

YOU CAN'T BURY THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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I'm looking forward to this game; I just wish it would come out and be broken so I could at least play it while they fix the payment system or inter-connectivity stuff or whatever dies.

It seems like an MMO I'd wanna play.

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thinkin about this tonight. really hope it comes out soon or we at least get some info at e3. had fun with the jp version that oddly harkened back to my original pso experience, but i'd still like to actually understand everything.

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Well at least it's not out right cancelled... right? RIGHT? I NEED MY MAGS!

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Anyone know if the Vita version is coming to the US?

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This game is never coming out over here.