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Sega Japan just posted a new video a while ago announcing that Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2 is set to come out this summer over there. For those that can't read the Japanese themselves, the big things being implied by this update/expansion(?) include:

  • A new class
  • A new species
  • New weapons
  • A new planet
  • A new character(?) by the name of Photona (not a big Phantasy Star person outside this game, so if it's already a thing, say so!)
  • More plot for that game I bet you were totally invested in that way to begin with

As such, here's the video embedded below. Not a whole lot of information outside of what I just provided, but I suppose it's better than nothing. No word about whether it'll be a simultaneous release for the PC and Vita versions or not; I know that some updates thus far have had staggered releases, but I don't know if that's still an ongoing thing at this point.

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As always, it continues to suck if you're an English-only fan, given Sega still has yet to provide much of an update about when the base game will arrive in any sort of localized capacity. That being said, I'll probably jump back into the game soon thanks to the announcement of this update, so if any of you duders feel like playing then and don't want to wait for wiki/translation patch updates to know what the Japanese text is saying, hit me up and we'll work something out!