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I keep hearing people hate Phil Fish. Why?

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Nothing worth debating.

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I don't know him so I can't hate him. He says inflammatory things which drive people mad though.

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I keep hearing people hate Phil Fish. Why?

They think he's pretentious. After watching Indie Game the Movie I can see why though I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. He's seems more eccentric than pretentious to me.

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He says shit like "Japanese games are terrible!' and "PC's are only for spreadsheets" which easily offends oversensitive nerds. It's hard to tell if he's deliberately trolling them or just socially oblivious.

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Never heard of him before but now that I look at his profile picture above this thread, I hate him too.

His glasses offend me greatly.

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He's an asshole. When I say asshole I don't mean that the guy did something bad that would then befit the title of asshole. I mean that the guy is the living embodiment of the term. If you looked up the term in the dictionary, after reading it, your mind would then naturally think of people who best fit the term. Phil fish would at some point cross your mind as one of the best examples.

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He's Canadian.

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I'd say all the cryptic cipher stuff in Fez is enough.

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Because he's a pretentious asshole.

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He has strong views about certain aspects of the gaming industry and can come across as quite pretentious and as a bit of an asshole when expressing them.

Although personally, I like him. He's passionate and shows his emotions so openly. I don't necessarily agree with all his views or the way he chooses to express them, but I can respect someone who voices his opinion so openly and with such passion. He's kinda like Peter Molyneux in that respect. Molyneux has way more class than Fish, though.

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He said some really dumb stuff but I don't think it's worth getting worked up about. I still really loved Fez.

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Says stupid stuff in a tactless fashion.

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I can respect anyone's point of view but the way Fish presents his robs him of any respect one might have for another human being

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I don't know a lot about what the guy's said other than the stupid Japanese games comment, but I think it's worth remembering that everyone says something stupid once in a while, except most of us don't have people constantly waiting for us to trip up so they can hold our badly-worded thoughts against us forever.

That's not a blank cheque to be a dick (especially if he's not apologizing/clarifying after putting his foot in his mouth) so much as context I think people often choose to ignore.

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He says the same type of things that the people who hate him say online, except he says them in person.

(mostly joking, before anybody jumps down my throat)

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He's pretentious and says stupid things. Plus, I hate Fez.

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He lacks tact when expressing himself. That's it, as far as I can tell.

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Because I was the first to break Fez when it was first shown at PAX East 2011 and he yelled at me for it.

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He comes across as kind of a prick in "Indie game: The movie" but whatever I don't care

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I don't dislike him per se, but I really dislike his decision to not fix the bug in Fez because of the 14,000 price tag - and no, I don't care how small the affected percentage is. I'm fine with him being pissed at Microsoft about it but I'm not fine with him (essentially) telling the people who supported his project to "deal with it" and/or "blame Microsoft".

I don't like when people sign contracts and then complain about what they agreed to after the money has rolled in.

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@pie said:

He comes across as kind of a prick in "Indie game: The movie" but whatever I don't care

You just reminded me that I bought that movie in the Humble Bundle a while back. I really should get around to watching it.

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I really have nothing against him. After watching Indie Game: The movie, I actually kinda sympathize with him in a sort of I feel kinda sorry for him. However, he is one of those guys who thinks and then should not talk. At least in a sort of public term.

As far as him being pertinacious then it's something most indie anything behave, because most of them are very socially awkward people so no wonder that they have no idea how people respond when they lash out.

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@lordxavierbritish said:

But a PC release of FEZ has been talked about even before it was released on the 360, which only makes that quote more surprising. Well, considering the seriously long development cycle the game underwent, maybe he said that way before the game was released.

It's still hypocritical though. I guess Phil Fish speaks enthusiastically, and chooses some radical terminology and comparisons to express his controversial opinions. It's shallow to think that makes him detestable, but that behavioral combination can be kind of fatal for one's popularity, particularly on the internet.

Whatever. I don't think he sounded pretentious in Indie Game: The Movie either. Not nearly as much as Jonathan Blow anyway.

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I don't know him, so I certainly don't hate him but he doesn't make his own position any better. Very fucking talented designer with a really clear vision yet seems determined not to let his work stand on it's own. It's gotten him into trouble with his previous partner and has definitely fucked up his public opinion among the community, at least for those who want to pick up a pitch fork.

If he could have just been a quiet eccentric he'd probably be better received now. When FEZ hits steam hopefully a bunch of people will be able to experience it on it's own merits.

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He's just not a people person. If you look at some of his old tweets he tells people to fuck off and suck his dick, not to mention his comments on Japanese games struck a nerve with Japanophiles.

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His name is Fish. I hate fish.