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Bad Pizza. I don't mind it. At least if I have some decent Hot Sauce at hand. Or a savory pizza oil with herbs peppers garlic - that kind of thing.

Bad Pizza & Hot Sauce? Junk Food Heaven!

In fact, there were times in my life when most food was considered mere hot sauce delivery systems - and pizza is the most accomplished hot sauce delivery system there is, even bad pizza.

What about you? How do you deal with Bad Pizza?

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I don't think I'd care enough to modify it in any meaningful way.

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I don't know, people think Little Caesars is bad pizza and I really like it so....I salvage it by eating it?

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@erhard said:

I don't think I'd care enough to modify it in any meaningful way.

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Outside of atrocities like pineapple, I can't think of a single bad pizza I couldn't enjoy on its own merits. I even like the occasional Little Caesars, to put my pizza love in perspective. You've got to REALLY fuck up (or add pineapple) to make me hate a pizza.

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Tapatio hot sauce will make shitty pizza slightly less shitty. This is a lesson I learned when I went to school in Florida, where all the pizza is shitty.

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Sriracha or mustard for me.

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I order another pizza and beat the shit out of the person responsible for such sacrilege.

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"And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee." Life's too short for bad pizza.

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Oh man, I've never tried El Yucateco on a pizza. I now have a new gastric goal.

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i generally salvage it by eating it and living in regret

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I put sriracha on all qualities of pizza, so that wouldn't qualify as an improvement.

If pizza is soggy from too long sitting in pizza delivery person's insulated bag, i put it on a small grid rack over foil and heat in toaster oven at high temperature.

If pizza is bad because the vegetable ingredients were clearly frozen before use, I may or may not eat it at all.

If pizza is bad because someone ordered pineapple as a topping, I will not eat it. That is the same for pickles on hamburger. You cannot simply pick off a pickle and have everything be okay. A pickle on a burger and pineapple on a pizza forever taints the rest of the surrounding ingredients. I will never understand the pineapple on pizza practice. Why would you put a sweet, juicy fruit on a savoury dish? Why don't you go even further and put fucking strawberries on if that's what you like... pervert. >__<

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Just a bunch of crushed red peppers, burn that bad pizza taste while still getting that pizza inside of me. Also get some garlic butter sauce.

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Dip it in ranch dressing and cry.

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Dip in everything. Ketchup, ranch, bbq, hot sauce, whatever the fuck sauce.

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@seppli: Toss it in the freezer and eat it the next day :).

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Make a tasty BBQ and Ranch dipping sauce. Sooo good!

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Maybe this depends on the region, but it's near-impossible to find bad pizza outside of a few large chains in my area. Even the worst pizza is still merely okay, but when I get to that chewy dough, I aim right for either ranch or blue cheese.

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Even thick crust pizza and that shit with the fuckin hotdogs in the crust is what I would regard as bad pizza, and I would still just eat it. Even bad pizza is pretty good.

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Bad pizza to me is soggy dough, so no way to fix that. Well, I guess I could cook it longer.

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You put it in the trash can and never order pizza from that establishment ever again. Don't eat shitty pizza.

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Eat it faster

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Eat it as is, usually.

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Bad pizza is still good pizza. I'd explain further but I'd need calculus or some shit.

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Drink enough beer, anything will taste good.

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I always put hot sauce on pizza.

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What is bad pizza?

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I don't think there's any such thing as bad pizza. If pizza tastes bad then it's not really pizza. It is lying to you.

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Ranch dressing.


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I use it to Make Taco Pizza filled with Doritos

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pepperoni pizza + ranch dressing = heaven

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I use it to Make Taco Pizza filled with Doritos

Holy shit, tell me more!

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Crushed red peppers can make even the most mediocre of pizza that much more enjoyable. The idea of putting Sriacha on it also sounds fantastic.

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cover it in sharp cheddar(throw in oven for 10 minutes) and apply hot sauce as needed. Sometime for an extra kick I use those pepper flakes instead of hot sauce.

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What is bad pizza?

Dominos Pizza, have you ever had an over-sauced pizza? Where there is so much sauce that the cheese and toppings just slide the fuck off? I had one of those from Dominos, it was rage inducing. I think the worst pizza I have ever tasted was a little frozen number called Tony's Pizza, it was the worst thing ever, it didn't even wanna cook right, I didn't eat more than 3 bites before trashing it.

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I just eat the bad pizza and silently chastise whoever bought it, which is never me, because I don't buy bad pizza.

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Ranch or extra sauce, if the sauce sucks then extra sauce doesn't help so its ranch in that case too.

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@hamst3r said:

I just eat the bad pizza and silently chastise whoever bought it, which is never me, because I don't buy bad pizza.

Why silently? You should chastise them as loudly as possible while eating the pizza. I mean Homer Simpsons loud.

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If we're talking something like Dominos or Pizza Hut I kind of like a bad pizza in its own special way.