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I bought a ps3 with no HDD but bought a HDD for it to install myself since its pretty easy. Now my problem is that the seller said it has no power video. If I send it in and pay $100 service fee, will Sony fix it even though the original HDD isn't there? Or can I do that whole reset process myself to fix it?

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I don't know about fixing it yourself but replacing the HDD is ok with Sony and doesn't void the warranty so you should be fine sending it in.

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@darthorange: As long as I can get it fixed, I'll be happy.

All of this for The Last of Us, GTA V, and Beyond: Two Souls.

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How much did you pay for the PS3? Was it free or something? Because I am seeing working PS3's on ebay for $150. That has to be less expensive than buying a broken PS3, buying a HD, then paying $100 to get it fixed.

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I haven't heard anything good about Sony's repair services, just a heads up. And yeah, I'm also wondering how much this ps3 was, because between the HDD, and repair services you're already fast approaching the cost of a new PS3. You could get the latest redesign for $230.

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@monetarydread: ps3 was $40 then $40 for a 350 gig HDD. I have a good history with sonys repair service

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@lord_xp: I believe Sony released official instructions on how to swap the HDD. So they shouldn't give you a problem

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@awesomeusername: I HAD TO. I got bored of things to play on my PC. Ran out of things to watch on Netflix. And the weather is getting colder. I need to play games.

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@lord_xp: I'm going to add you on PSN then. We can play some vidya games (GTA V).

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@lord_xp: You only have 95 trophies?! Is lord_xp your main account or do you have a different one??

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@awesomeusername: I have an og account under whiteghost09. I won't ever be on that one though. I like my new username better.

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@lord_xp: Alright, well I added you so accept that whenever you get on. (anti-altair16)