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Their still may be hope

Famitsu: You’re saying the media will be blu ray. Can we play PS3 games on it?

Kawano: At the moment it’s not possible to play packaged software on the PS4.

Famitsu: Will you put PS3 games on the archives and release via PSN?

Kawano: As a concept, we are thinking of that – but we have to investigate that more thoroughly. It is an important part of our strategy. Besides, Gaikai has joined the company…

Feb 21st


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That's not really backwards compatibility. You can buy PS2 games right now on PSN. I don't care about BC if it means I have to buy my games all over again. I'll just plug in my PS3.

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As long as I can play them without rebuying them, as in already having a PS3 to play them or some way to redeem them on PSN to stream them off gaikai. I can only buy these games so many times...unless it is P4, I will buy any and every version of it.

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I read some speculation that the PS4 will still recognize past-gen game discs for proof of ownership and then stream that game for you without making you repurchase. Clearly, Sony hasn't decided on anything and it may not even be possiblr at this point; but I'm holding out a small sliver of hope for that solution in the future.

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Appreciate the post but wasn't this what was stated during the meeting, and later during Shuhei's interviews?

Good pic choice though.