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inFAMOUS. But gonna put in SF4 again after I customized my fightstick :D

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I think Mortal Kombat V.S. DC Universe is in there.

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Devil Summoner 2, which I have barely played so far (I'm slowing down my game playing before Batman - kinda tired of staring at screens these last couple months).

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Red Faction: Guerilla. I'm never going to find all those supply crates,  ore deposits and propaganda!

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Not a game.

Gran Torino on Blu-Ray.

Just finished watching it about... 5 minutes ago.

And before that... Scrubs season 5 disc 2. :)

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um.. FFX

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InFamous i think

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inFAMOUS i waiting for a second play trough. But I'm knee deep in mass effect and loving it so will finish that first.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

People weren't lying that it was hard. Haven't touched it for about a week or so though, kinda turned me off. Need to spend more time grinding levels and collecting demons I suppose to make my life easier.

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Fallout 3.

Considering it's currently the only PS3 game I own, I guess it'll be in there for a while.
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@JamesBoyce said:

Good man!!!! Excellent taste - my favourite game of all time. For me it's GTA IV.
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Currently Shaun White's Snowboarding. Rented it. Don't like it. And it'll continue to sit there til I have to return it, probably.

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infamous should be, but killzone 2 is. I still gotta buy infamous. rented it and loved it.

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My sister is currently playing LittleBigPlanet.  She uses the PlayStation 3 more than me.

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@Qorious said:
" I have Uncharted: Drake's Fortune in my PS3 right now. Trying to Platinum that game. I'm 60% in.  "
If you need help, I have a friend who has done so. I think hes a Giantbomb member...dunno where hes gone. TWILLFAST, WHERE ARE YOU?
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Resistance FoM. Surprisingly, a good amount of people still play the multiplayer, and it's great fun.

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MGS 4. My brother is playing it.

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@CoolDrMoney said:
" Resistance FoM. Surprisingly, a good amount of people still play the multiplayer, and it's great fun. "
Really? Maybe I should get that on the cheap.
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I still play RE 5 like crazy. I occasionally play Killzone 2 and sometimes GTA 4

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inFAMOUS. Those stunt unlocks are kicking my ass.

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Midnight club la, im currently trying to unlock the audi r8.

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game

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Right now I'm playing Okami. Blazblue is what is currently occupying most of PS3's time though.

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Blazblue is currently in my ps3.

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A great gem of a game by the name of Blazblue!

I'm not a fighting game fan in particular, but the artwork and playstyle of this game is just way too good to pass up.

Otherwise I tend to play a lot of downloadable games like SSHD and Eden, so i guess they count too since they are in...my hard drive :P

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call of jurez bould in blood

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Don't remember... Been playing too much Shin Megami Tensei:Devil Survivor and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my DS and PSP respectively.

Probably, Street Fighter 4 seeing as how my desk has the HRAP3 on top of it.

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50 cent blood on the sand....playing it for the laughs

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NHL 09

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Top Spin 3 at the moment.

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Fallout 3 of course.

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Unfortunately it's socom confrontation.

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@yakov456: Unfortunately? Hey, it's not that bad.

F.E.A.R is in there.. trying to beat it so I can move onto project origin.
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Killzone 2! Gotta get new map pack today!

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Right now, its a Fresh Prince of Bel Air DVD. I'm not playing with my ps3 much lately except for Battlefield 1943.

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Motorstorm : pacific rift.  Had a gamer night last night on this and had great fun.  Will be putting KZ 2 back in a little later to play a bit more of the new dlc.

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Err, probably DMC4, since it's the last PS3 game I can recall playing. Haven't turned it on for some time.

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Currently RE5 is placed in my PS3. And what a great game it is.

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I was playing some Shi No Numa with a few PSN friends.

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Right now LittleBigPlanet.   Been playing a lot with my gf lately. 

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Right now I'm playing through as evil in Infamous, but I keep going back between that and SF4.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, got it for 16.50 new/sealed off of eBay thanks to an eBay Bucks coupon for 3.50 or so.

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Killzone 2, finally picked it up

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I read this thread to find out what to play on my new PS3.  I own a 360 so I'm looking for PS3 exsclusives.  From what I've gathered , I need to buy : MGS4 and inFAMOUS.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 atm

2 hours ago it was Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES 
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Socom Confrontation is in ps3.

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Street  Fighter 4!

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killzone 2 :D playing tons of online!! warzone should be implemented in every fps these days. 

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Socom confrontation