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I'm looking at buying a PS3 and wondering if Sony will ever revise the hardware again. The easy answer is "no" since the PS4 is out, but the 2012 PS3 reviewed so poorly. Will Sony leave that hardware generation on such a low note?

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That review is old, so it isn't as expensive as it used to be. If you can live with a top loader, then whats the problem? It plays ps3 games. If thats what you want out of it, it does a great job at doing just that!

And no, I doubt there will be another major revision.

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@naru_joe93: the 2012 PS3 is probably fine for me, I'd just be annoyed if a new, better-built version came out later

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I think that super slim console is the last version. Once they go top loader it's over.

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Reading that review, I wonder if there's something amiss with my super-slim. They say it makes "zero noise" and "is without a doubt the quietest home console" they've heard. I only got mine a few months ago, and right from the start it was decidedly noisier than my fat 60 GB model ever was. Be it the disc drive or the fans, it's never what I'd call noiseless. I haven't had any performance issues though, so I don't know what to make of it.

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Until I read this topic I didn't even know that there was a top-loading PS3.

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It might get smaller and cheaper but any new model is likely to be similar. They removed the slot loader to save a dollar, they are unlikely to put it back in.

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I've seen some speculating that since they shrunk the PS3 hardware down in size even further to create the PlayStation Now server racks, they might use those as a basis for an even slimmer model.