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So because I bought Killzone Shadow Fall and Assassin's Creed 4 off amazon I got an email saying because of this I can get a free PS4 game.

Out of my options the ones I'm interested are,

  • Knack
  • Need for Speed Rivals
  • Skylanders SWAP Force
  • Injustice Ultimate Edition

Honestly I know very little about any of these games, except Injustice of course. Anybody have a recommendation?

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Need for Speed I guess? It looks decent.

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need for speed, always good to have a next gen car game.

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Need for Speed I'd say.

You didn't say NBA 2K14 (I assume not interested in sports at all) but from what I've seen that seems like maybe the most impressive launch game. But if there's not interest there's no interest of course.

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@artisanbreads: Yeah it looks impressive but I'm just not a sports game person.

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@jeanluc said:

@artisanbreads: Yeah it looks impressive but I'm just not a sports game person.

I feel ya just thought I'd throw it out there. If you want a graphical showcase it's probably just behind BF 4. But Need for Speed looks great too graphically.

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Show Knack some love.

If not, go Rivals.

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I'd say either Knack (because it looks like a solid game that deserves more love, from myself included), or NFS:Rivals, for GiantBomb Race Night.

Which I think @pseg still holds?

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Can't go wrong with Need for Speed, but I think Knack could be okay. It looks pretty if nothing else, but I guess most everything sort of does at this point.

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I'd say play Killzone and AC4 until QL's are up for the other games, then go from there. Not a very exciting answer though.

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@levio: Only problem is the deal only lasts till the 16th not giving me much time.

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I got NFS with the promo. I was interested in Knack, but ill wait for some reviews and buy it digitally later.

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I went with Knack since it's first party and not available on anything else.

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I got this too. Pretty sweet.

I went with Knack because it seemed like the kind of game I would enjoy but be wary of spending $60 on. I was already getting Killzone, AC4 and Battlefield, so Knack should round out the gameplay styles I have on day one. CoD would have been another of the same thing and I don't like sports games much.

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Well isn't there demos at launch? If so try em out first and then choose. But if there ain't none I would go with Knack simply because it's something new and it looks ok.

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I played Knack... it's really not that great. I think NFS would be the better choice, either that or Injustice, that game is pretty good.

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I'd go for Swap Force.

I have played the other Skylanders games because I bought them for my boy, and they are actually really good fun.

If you are not interested in playing, I suspect you will be able to ebay it for a fair bit. You'll get a game, a portal and three figures in the starter pack.

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If it were my choice I'd go with Knack. Never been a big fan of racing games.

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@eujin said:

Which I think @pseg still holds?

I currently don't have any plans for a NFS Race Night for either PS4 or XBO -- the last NFS-focused Race Night was for Hot Pursuit, and died off around the time the last bit of DLC came out for that game.

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Need for Speed, they've been a lot of fun as of late...Knack looks like a tech demo

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I'm still holding off for reviews on NFS Rivals. I loved Hot Pursuit, but I really didn't care much for Most Wanted. I'd like to know which camp Rivals falls more in line with before I make the purchase.

Of course, it's a lot easier to take a chance on it if it's free.

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If you're interested in fighting games and haven't played Injustice, I'd recommend it. Otherwise, I don't know. What type of games do you like?

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Injustice. Tons of content in that game.

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Injustice is a fantastic game. I bought it on ps3 and all of its DLC and I'm still rebuying it on PS4. So that.

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Should have done a poll mun!!

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Skylanders is a dark, dark hole.

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skylanders yo

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need for speed is what i chose

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Knack, looks like a fun hark back to older PS1-2 era platformers and probably worth it more at Free than $60.

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I would go need for speed that game looks great.

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Will they let you preorder Watch_Dogs?

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Does anyone know if the promo is still going on? I just threw down some money for Killzone and Assassin's Creed, but I'll probably not go through with both if I'm not getting a free game out of it.