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Has anyone tried jacking in a pair of headphones in the controller for the game audio? If so, is the sound quality servicable? Not getting my PS4 until the 29th (EU), and my GFs parents are coming in that weekend (OMG the timing) to hog the TV, and my other screen doesn't have any speakers and the PS4 doesn't have analog out. So, opinions?

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I don't have a PS4, though if you've got a Vita you could always remote-play.

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Brad said on the live stream that the quality was pretty good.

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I'm using the Sony Pulse Elites with it and IMO it sounds great. Microphone works too.

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@toowalrus Yeah, don't have a Vita, it's a pretty cool feature though.

@mister_v Nice, if Brad says it's alright, it's probably alright. Tried to catch the live stream but I missed it because life. And time difference.

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As someone with an XBONE preorder (though I plan on getting the PS4 sometime next year) this makes me bummed that Microsoft didn't include this feature. It's not a huge to deal, though, as I have an Astro mixamp anyways, but... still. That's a pretty awesome feature.

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@brutushayesosu Sounds good!

@bulby33 Yeah, as a (somewhat) responsible adult with people in my household that need their beauty sleep, it's a fucking fantastic feature :)

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My headphones are pretty crummy, but it still sounds decent.

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I have it, and use my Vmoda Bassfreq earphones, Koss Portapros, and Klipsche S4i's with it and it sounds great. Like 256-320kbps MP3. Very bass heavy. The surround sound effect holds up pretty well, maybe not for detecting someone walking right behind you, but someone shooting you from far away left and right sounds rightly distant. And doesn't have that airy, hollow, echo-ie concert hall effect of DSP surround/dolby headphone/prologic2 on things like Windows media player,.

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Here, I recorded the sound into Audacity as a WAV file. Bear in mind, it recorded the volume a bit too quiet than what it really sounds like, so maybe turn up your speakers/phones on your PC now to hear the quality.


Dropbox COD Ghosts Dualshock4 Output WAV

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I'm using my PS3 Pulse headset connected to the DS4 and it sounds good.

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Sounded perfectly find on my end. This is probably my favorite feature of the PS4.

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It's sound pretty good I've been using apple headphones

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I've got a pair of bose in ear headphones and it sounds absolutely fantastic. This is one of my favorite features.

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seems pretty good, better than average. I tried it with some Sennheiser HD 205's.

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@boocreepyfootdoctor Thanks for the effort man. Sounds much better than I thought it would. Definitely servicable for some late night gaming sessions.

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I can't believe I'm just hearing about this feature!

As a dad that has wasted hundreds of dollars on wireless turtle beach headphones that constantly fall apart, this feature is IMO the consoles best feature!

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Plugged in my Astro A40's without the need for the media controller box an they sound great. The microphone works great also and is much easier using voice commands than the camera across the room.