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How often do you guys get game crashes? It has been happening rather a lot with NFS Rivals and a few times with Battlefield 4, but not too often since the patch they did with it recently. Just wondering if it is just be doing things that makes the games crash or if this is a bad issue that many people have.

#2 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

Had BF4 crash about 4 times (played maybe 15-20 hours so far)

Nothing else yet, the license bug is annoying though. I have to log in and out to launch Netflix, Resogun and so on often.

#3 Posted by project343 (2880 posts) -

BF4 was the only crasher for me. Mostly related to Battlelog.

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Depends on the game. Killzone seems to crash a couple times a day. AC4 is much more rare, only every couple days.

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I get crashes all the time, and not just with games. It happens with Netflix at least once a day.

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I have played Killzone, AC4, Flower and Resogun - no crashes at all thus far.