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Logged in to my account and started watching the Knack QL. Facebook login, didnt work (not enough memory error ) video player worked without changing settings including making the video fullscreen.

Guys, the PS4 is awesome. Oh, also making posts works too.

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HTML5 videos worked on the PS3 browser as well.

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You must have missed the last generation of consoles....congrats on getting yourself a PS4 though!

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I can watch Quick Looks on the toilet with my Wii U. Ninten-does what PS4 don't.

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The video player works on the PS4 but is barely functional on my computer.

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@oldenglishc: you can do that if you have a vita and a PS4^^

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@vinny_says: Just a pointless confirmation for the lulz. Everything about the PS4 will be well treaded ground in the coming weeks. Snark away everyone!

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@darji: All these choices for bathroom entertainment. We live in magical times.

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Omg I double-tapped the PS button and immediately went back to playing Contrast Futureisnowsazxcdfgtrfghjmjgt

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@zero_: Do not worry someone will find an alternative which works......

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Hey guys, let's not discuss non age-gated porn sites.



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Good to know! Can't wait for UPS to get here already with the goods!

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What about the streaming? I kind of want to watch UPF tonight on my PS4

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just wait till ya can view giant bomb with oculus rift support thats when it going to get real, to real.

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just wait till ya can view giant bomb with oculus rift support thats when it going to get real, to real.

Watching Spookin' with Spooks on an Oculus Rift. Awwwwww shiiiiiii-

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It works on Wii U and Vita, I would hope it works with PS4 as well. That PS3 browser was poop. How is using the touchpad to navigate sites?