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I'm curious to see how often you duders stream your games. I always do it, but no one ever watches. I just keep doing it because it's so damn easy to do.

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I don't. At all.

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I do it every once in awhile. My buddy has been watching it until he gets his ps4. It is super easy to do and hey when I have somebody tune in even for a second that's kinda neat. I wish they had another option to just have comments maybe scroll instead of having to have that giant overlay. Its not bad, especially if you have the camera but usually I just get on twitch myself and watch the chat instead of having a good third of the screen away.

Also I named my channel sackcam cause Im hilarious....right guys?

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I would but my terrible upload speed would make for a crappy viewing experience.

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I just tried a couple times for a short amount of time. Was mainly curious about how easy it was to get going for someone that has never streamed or used Twitch in any way.

For the record, it is extremely simple to do.

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I haven't yet and I don't think I will anytime soon since I don't have a camera and, even if I did, I'm not an interesting person to watch. If I ever get a hold of an early game or get good enough at a competitive game that people might want to watch me stream, I'll do it.

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I haven't tried to yet on the PS4, but I did try to share a video on Facebook, which I thought was absurdly easy to do, same with trimming the video down. If streaming on Twitch is about as simple as that, I might try to do it a little more often than I had planned to. Don't have the camera though so that's a bit of a bummer since that seems to add quite a bit to it all.

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I have most of this week. Just did a two hour session on Battlefield. Mostly I do it so my friends can check it out.

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I don't

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I do a lot of the time if my internet allows me to. It's been on and off recently.

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No one wants to watch me play 2k14. I ain't Chris Smoove, baby.

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Am I the only one who thinks this is all a bit too... I don't know ... "Look at me!!"-ish?

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@pandabear said:

Am I the only one who thinks this is all a bit too... I don't know ... "Look at me!!"-ish?

So what? Right now there is a real show from a couple talking about stuff and having like 1200 Viewers. And Even Patrick Klepeck called in XD


This is really interesting because now EVERYONE can do this stuff now. LOL Yoshida^^

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id never do it. id just be adding to the thousands of streams that dont need to exist by people who are less than entertaining.

im not an entertainer. i am the entertainee ...im sure thats a word.

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I'm never gonna livestream anything because I don't consider myself to be nearly interesting enough/good enough at playing games for that to have any value for anyone outside of a few friends who might laugh at me.

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I mostly just use a spectator thing for my friends. I'm almost always in a teamspeak chat with a bunch of people, so if one of us playing and the others want to watch, we just start a stream. We aren't really trying to get viewers or be casters, just watching each other play.

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Am I the only one who thinks this is all a bit too... I don't know ... "Look at me!!"-ish?

Pretty much.