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Poll: Is it worth getting a PS4 now for Transistor? (115 votes)

Yes 10%
No 43%
Wait a bit longer for more games to come out 48%

I always assumed that I would get a PS4 someday but so far I felt that there were just not enough good games available on it that would warrant buying one. But I really want to play Transistor and am considering buying a PS4 for this. Is this a good idea? Should I wait longer?

Note. I currently own a PS3.

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Transistor is a super tiny game that will probably also come to other platforms and is also available on PC right now. I would definitely not base the decision around buying a PS4 for it. It may be decent, but I would definitely wait if I were you. It's not a game to buy a console for. And even then, it's not really a super stellar game to begin with. It's good though.

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Not really. I'd wait until there's a larger backlog of games for you to play before getting one. Although, you could do like I did and just invest now for the future. Either way, I never think it's a good idea to buy a console for just one game. You'll usually be disappointed. Maybe wait and see how you feel after E3.

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Is Transistor worth $420 to you?

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No. Although I have no backing claim since I don't own a ps4 nor have I played transistor. But that game does not look $450 good.

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You should at least wait until after E3 to see what the next year is going to look like before you make your decision. I certainly don't think one game is reason enough to buy a full priced system.

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You should get a PS4 for Beast Souls.

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For Transistor? Hell no. The game's alright, but nowhere near good enough to justify buying a console.

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I wouldn't get it "just" for Transistor, you'll probably want to see if there's anything else available now or in the near future before buying a PS4. Like someone else suggested, maybe wait for E3?

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The question is not: "Would you spend $420 for Transistor?" He is already planning to buy one eventually. The question should be: "Would you spend the difference between the current price(s) and the hypothetical discounted future price(s) from when you would have otherwise bought the PS4 to play Transistor now?"

I knew I was going to buy a PS4 and had a pretty good idea that it would happen before the first price cut. So, for me, it made sense to jump onboard pretty early and start enjoying the PS+ games.

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It's on PC and it's only 4 hours. I love Transistor but it's not worth a console you have no other interest in.

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it's a neat game, but don't go crazy.

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If you want a PS4 for other stuff or think you'll get one soon it's probably worth it, but for Transistor alone definitely not. Transistor is a good game, but it's also single player. As long as you avoid spoilers it will be there for you whenever you get the system, and via PS+ it may even be free.

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If you know you're going to buy one eventually and you really want to play Transistor you might as well just get it now if you have the money. I don't foresee a price drop or a redesign anytime soon.

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Put that four hundred some odd towards an upgraded/new pc. Transistor runs on a pc too.

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Transistor works on old PCs.

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is your PC so archaic that it can't play it? if so sure go wild and spend your money on a ps4.

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Transistor is good. Really good even but Its not buy a system good especially if you have a PC capable of running it.

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Sure, no reason to wait. The consoles have no major problems and the HDDs are upgradeable whenever you like.

The question you are asking is, how much will the console decrease in price between now and when some more games come out. I can't see it being an amount you are angered by, so there is no reason to dawdle.

Im working my way through Infamous now after not enjoying the first. Such a stunning game to look at, and rather fun to play. If you look for games to play, the PS4 has plenty.

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C'mon son. This ain't no Gears of War. There isn't anything on either platform that is a must-play. I really do like Transistor but you should just play it on a PC. Hell a minor upgrade to your PC just to play that game would cost less than a PS4 if you really don't have a rig capable of running it.

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Fuck no, wait for more games.

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Just for Transistor? No. It' good, it's not a console seller. If you already have plus and you've been stocking away things like Outlast, Don't Starve, and Resogun and you're interested in inFamous: Second Son, now it's a more tempting offer.

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Wait for Beast Souls

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Don't be crazy, wait for more games. Oh and that game is also out on PC

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If your gonna buy a ps4. Buy it for one a physical game and also transistor. The game is amazing. But is so short. til be over in no time. And that's a load of money down the toilet for a six hour game (and that's taking your time)

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its getting there. id say this will be the year to get the new system. or early next year. its an unsurprising slow burn for these consoles.

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Never buy a console for a single game.

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@spoonman671: I just bought a PS4 today and tax is an extra $35, so it would be $455 for Transistor alone. Probably not worth it.

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If you don't have sufficient gaming pc, and plan on playing most your games on PS4, then I don't see any reason not to buy it now, if you have the money laying around.

But, make sure your interested in a couple of other current retail games, before buying one now. Something like Second Son, Wolfenstein, or Watch Dogs.

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If you don't have sufficient gaming pc, and plan on playing most your games on PS4, then I don't see any reason not to buy it now, if you have the money laying around.

But, make sure your interested in a couple of other current retail games, before buying one now. Something like Second Son, Wolfenstein, or Watch Dogs.

Even if you don't have a substantial gaming PC, you should consider picking it up anyway, it will likely run just fine on anything. It's mostly 2D assets and the Turn() system can help overcome any framerate problems you might have.

I really enjoyed my time with The Transistor, but if I spent $400+ in hardware to play it, I'd be very let down due to the game's short length.

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There is no system worth getting for a single game.

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Transistor is awesome so...hell no, i could not justify buying the system just that game. One game that is 15 bucks on top of it. If you have a few games your interested in then sure but if that is the only game you care about than no. Keep in mind that the fall line up will have some big hitters if you don't have a next gen system already.

Me personally i don't mind getting a system a little early so i'll have the room and budget to buy all the games that i want for the system when they release. I say least by holiday time would be ideal to have the system. Holiday and early next year some big next gen games will be out and you would be ready for them.