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Some gimmicky touchpad use, and some not as gimmicky, but the triggers look quite good.

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i am really looking forward to the DS4. Finally good triggers!

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What we get with the DualShock 4 looks really awesome. Still don't understand how neither PS4's nor Xbox One's gamepad didn't increase the number of shoulder buttons (or adding some alternative like a mousewheel button or zoom lever or whatever), especially when both say they wanted to *make it ideal for FPS games*, because then they both just straight-up failed to achieve their primary objective (outside of improving input fidelity and formfactor).

More shoulder buttons/functionalities means less loss of control, when the thumb has to leave the analogstick to hit a face button.

P.S. Second Son looks so flippin' clean and smooth. Jeez!

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Y es triggers that don't pause or rewind watching tv when i set the bugger down or lob a grenade when i am trying to hide.

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Improved triggers and deadzone is great but the whole touchpad thing is imo a big gimmick

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@redloopz said:

Improved triggers and deadzone is great but the whole touchpad thing is imo a big gimmick

While developers certainly could choose to be gimmicky with the touchpad, that doesn't make the pad itself a gimmick.

It's a touchpad that clicks. At the very least, developers can use it for extra buttons. That simple functionality is far from gimmicky, and will see a LOT of use.

Also, see this post, and the video linked inside.

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Yea but I think its not really a neccessary feature. I think that if the touchpad were not to be on the ps4 controllers there would be nothing missing. Never have I played any ps3 game and told myself: "oh this game is cool, but i wish it could have some touchpad controls". I just think its not needed and its useless and most of the stuff shown in this trailer could be done with normal buttons.

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oh dude i remember Jaime Griesemer, dude used to work for bungie and appear in their vid docs. nostalgia man

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Man infamous looks unbelievable.

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The Wii also did sound out of controllers, I'm assuming this one won't have a shitty speaker.

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I like it when game developers look like pro skateboarders.

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I hope I'm not forced to use those fucking "triggers" for all of my shooters.