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So, sometimes when I turn on my PS4, nothing happens on my screen, but when I restart it, everything comes on fine. Anyone else have this problem, or do I gotta change some odd settings or something. Also, this doesn't happen every time, so it is weird to me. But sometimes when it does, audio won't play when I restart it. I don't really know, it rarely happens and I just want to see if there is a fix, or if I'm just dumb.

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Are you able to troubleshoot this by using a different HDMI cable and then a different TV?

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@mb: I only have one hd tv at the moment, but I think it is some setting on my tv that doesn't recognize 1080p right away.

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@kaos_cracker: That's why I mentioned it. I had an older TV that wouldn't recognize 1080p input sources if the input was turned on AFTER the TV. I had to make sure the console was on first and the TV was on the right input, and then turn the TV on. Have you experimented with turning things on in different orders or switching inputs to get it to work? The only other thing I can think of besides a defective PS4 is trying a different HDMI cable.

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@mb: That actually made it work, I had both turn on at the same time and my tv flipped out. It's a cheap tv, but thanks for the help.