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In the weeks leading up to E3 I was wondering what everyone wants out of an upgraded PSN. At least I anticipate services changing and accounts changing a little as we move into the next generation. The first thing that comes to mind is being able to change a sub account to a master account. The other thing is changing the PSN ID as well. Just little things that could flesh out an already decent system. Thoughts?

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Keep PS+ awesome, that's about it.

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PSN ID, everything else i wanted has been already announced.

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Being able to change my username from something that I liked years ago to something that doesn't stop me from playing online due to embarrassment.

A subscription service to a varied and reliable Gaikai library.

A store interface where you can see what games etc are new with one press, ordered with games up the top and other content separated. DLC for games you own clearly marked, in a middle section.

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Keep PS+ awesome, that's about it.


I think the core service of PSN is pretty great I just want it to be snappier. The Vita is very fast in terms of friends list, messaging, party chat etc. so I expect the PS4 to be the same or better. They are making a clean break from the PS3 and I trust Sony understands it's failings this generation.

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If Playstation Plus expanded it's 1 hour demo to every game, that would get me to subscribe. Also it would be great if the store offered every game digitally, kept the prices in line with what's available in physical stores, and made it painless to find and re-download purchased content easily.

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Far superior update system. Faster downloads? Is that still a problem?

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To get PS+ working the same way it does for PS3 on the PS4, they'll have to wait and build up a library of games to constantly give away, or find some other benefits to give.

I'd like some more ways to see who is online and playing than just logging into the system. This way an online friend can message me to play a PS4 game when I'm on my computer or hanging at home.

Faster downloads is still an issue, but mainly because the PS3's hardware is a bit chaotic varying on which SKU. There's a few models of PS3 out there with horrific network hardware, which combined with the PS3's poor network stack overall means slow speeds.

Buying Gaikai was probably one of the best moves for Sony as that company was all about network tech, with people who have done research on how to do networking with good latency and high bandwidth.

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Keep giving out free awesome games with PS+.

Give me the ability to change my username. I'll even pay to do it.

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I nice games library app. I'd like to see what I own without having to look through my downloads list.

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Tangentally related to PSN: I like how DLNA is "no configuration" but they should hook the Download Manager in. Anything that does a transfer should use the Download Manager.

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  • Additional benefits to PS+ to bring people in - Something like larger cloud space and PS4 features that are more network base
  • Faster sync of friends and trophies and update
  • Interfaces that are smooth and easy to navigate.
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Fix their online speeds and allow people to change sub accounts to master accounts.

Also, keep it from being the wasteland it was when PS3 launched.

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Make it faster. I swear to god it seems like PSN has the worst download speeds out of every service out there.

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Being able to create a party for chat like on the 360. Faster downloads.

Oh god trophies.... none of that syncing shit.

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  • Let me change my PSN ID. PLEASE SONY AND GOD. PLEASE!
  • Faster trophy syncing.
  • Cross-game chat.
  • Implementing Near (the Vita app) would be pretty cool.
  • Make messaging like a text conversation. No more individual messages.
  • Have the Activity section for games/apps like the Vita. I like that.
  • Gaikai pretty much said they're doing everything else I wanted.
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Flexible pricing on PSN. The discounts they give to PSN+ members should be given to all users. Make prices for digitally distributed games more flexible and boost the use of PSN as being the way PS4 users buy their content.

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  • Faster system menus
  • More cross-play for the Vita
  • No more bullshit installs that take an hour to unpack and install
  • The ability to switch between apps a la PSvita style
  • Keep the free model and PSN+

Not to high-jack the thread, but:

  • Multiple accounts for the Vita

This has been driving me nuts ever since I started importing N.American games. You literally have to wipe the system to change user accounts.