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In Australia it's looking like the PS4 will be $550 at launch. I can import one from Amazon for about $450. The only problem I'll have will be the power plug. It looks like I can just swap out the cord with a PS3 power cord but I have concerns about voltage and the power brick if there is one. Is there any information out there about this stuff?

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The PS4's power brick is internal and it has the exact same plug for power as all PlayStations.

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The PS3 itself converted the power, so hopefully they keep that trend going with the PS4, but as far as i know nothing has been said about that specifically.

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Internal, intelligent switching.

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@dsi1 said:

The PS4's power brick is internal and it has the exact same plug for power as all PlayStations.

Is this confirmed somewhere?

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At least they only specified a power cord and not a power brick to come with the system. The official spec sheet says so. Also from the looks of the connector at the back i would also guess an internal solution

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Standard 'figure of 8' connectors are usually mains (because consumers think everything is oky pokey, also they're symmetric so they're AC not DC normally) and I think there has been confirmation that the PSU is internal from official sources (hopefully someone has a link to a Cerny interview with it).

Hopefully it is the same as most recent gear and so is a global PSU with an automatic switch (anyone else remember the old global stuff where you have to make sure th switch was set to 110 or 230V before you plugged them in?) so you can take them anywhere in the world.

I would wait for official confirmation (if they haven't said yet) that a US PS4 will be able to use an Australian PSN account to access the Australian PSN store for buying local content. Sony seem to be saying region free and no DRM stuff but mainly using comments about disc based gaming so it is worth making sure their digital plans make imports/moving country viable.