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Ok so I can't explain this. I download AC4 and played a couple of hours of it. everything working fine. I save the game. Put the PS4 into sleep mode and go do somthing else. I come back a 10 mins later an figure I'll try the remote play on the Vita. So I boot the PS4 back up, connect the VITA and then notice AC4 is not showing in system menu. I go into the library, click on AC4 and it starts downloading again!!

I have looked around but as far as I can tell the PS4 just deleted the game? has anyone else had this.. I can't explain how this could happen....

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3 potential triggers:

  1. The playstation is posessed
  2. You downloaded the Vita version of AC4
  3. There was a bug

I don't know how the remote play feature works. Can you boot/start the game on the console and then continue on the handheld? That may work better than requesting the console to boot the game from the handheld.

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It's a feature

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Ok so I think one of two things may have happend here.

1. I turned off the PS4 while it was still downloading the rest of the game and that caused it to loose the data (unlikely)

2. After I finished playing the game I thought I went into options and hit close program. I may have however clicked on delete.

Either way it was probably my fault.

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Was it the digital version of the game? Because they take a while to download. Plus some games let you play as you download.

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Does anyone have an idea if you can re-download and not lose and of its data? Because I might of got Warframe and spent some money and accidently deleted it trying to close it...

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Is the close button really close to the delete button? Doesn't it offer you a double-check prompt?

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@oginor: If he wasn't paying attention he could've deleted it, I've almost done it a time or two.

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@oginor: If he wasn't paying attention he could've deleted it, I've almost done it a time or two.

Indeed. You just have to train yourself to realize when doing PS Button -> Options Button to close that you don't have to scroll so you can just hit PS Button --> Options --> X without thinking about it.

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Dude, this just literally happened to me. BF4 just disappeared from my PS4, no idea what happened. Now I have to download 36gb all over again, ugh!

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Skynet has gained awareness. You were all warned...............................