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According to the Twitter account of the Basildon GAME Store Sony announced during a PlayStation Meeting in the UK that All PS3 digital content will Carry Over to PS4.

Even more surprising, it seems that the deal isn’t just related to PSN Only games, but even much bigger games like Grand Theft Auto V, when purchased digitally.

Of course this has to be considered as a rumor to take with an enormous until an official announcement is made, but it would definitely groundbreaking news if proven true. Personally, it’s hard to believe that a GAME employee would risk his job to play a prank, and you can be sure that head would roll if this was proved to be misinformation.

So either this has at least some truth in it, or some presented at Sony UK made a really big mistake, or Basildon’s GAME’s Twitter account might have been hacked, I guess.


What do you guys think ? I think Sony must have been talking about Gaikai streaming. At this stage the PS4 could not be backwards compatible ?....or could it.?...

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Yeah, it's probably Gaikai. I find it hard to belive that Sony will include actual hardware compatibility in the PS4. That would mean stuffing a PS3 into the PS4, since the architecture is so different, right?

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@joeyravn: Yup. I will be totally on board with Gaikai if i do not need to re buy the games which i have already bought on PSN which this seems to be.

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They've said it wasn't possible because of the cell processor, haven't they? My vote goes for Gaikai also.

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Probably Gaikia unless there technicians are great magicians.

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Sony seemed to hint at E3 that the Gaikai stuff would be launched in the first couple of years of the PS4. My guess would be it's going to be a separate annual fee, it would be great though if all your old PSN stuff is just ready to go when you sign up.

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I would love to be able to play Streets of Rage 2 from the word go.

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I wish this could be true. I would get it day 1 if that was true. But it probably isn't. Even gaikai cant be a thing that happens at launch.

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I'm dubious since Sony could offer what amounts to de facto backwards compatibility if they offered cross buy across the board for their games. This week they announced games like Flower, Sound Shapes, and Escape Plan would be cross buy to the PS4. Technically this would allow a game like Flower to be backwards compatible.

I could see the same extending to GTA5 since its available digitally. When the PS4 releases they could allow PSN PS3 games to be playable on next gen when the port happens. This is not exactly the same as taking my old PS3 disc and popping them into my PS4 with a carry over save.

Exactly what Shu says "ALL your digital content from your PS3 WILL carry over on to your PS4!" no mention about disc-based games which would require a hardware change.

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got me excited for a minute, thought it was actual physical games backwards compatibility

but yea this is mystical gaikai cloud magic. wonder if it will extend to physical games where you need to be online to authenticate with gaikai magic to run your games on ps4. id like to think thats not out of the possibility considering with the ps3 to ps4 upgrade thing they are doing you still have to run your ps3 disc on the ps4 to play the ps4 version.

fucking awesome nonetheless, i wouldnt mind selling all my ps3 physical games and rebuying them on digital.

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@mrfluke: Yep just read it....I guess it was all Gaikai related or the GAME twitter was trolling us!

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So I gotta buy Dragon's Crown again as a download if this ends up being true?

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Like others have said, probably Gaikai. No way sony would keep something so huge as BC a secret for this long.

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This would explain why ND said The Last Of Us PS4 version won't be happening.

Gaikai or not, I look forward to the BC.

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Yeah, definitely has to be Gaikai. There's no way as the underlying hardware architecture between the two systems, PS3 and PS4, are incompatible.

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Well, I think it could be three or four different things at once; i.e. specific solutions for specific cases.

1) Gaikai, for sure that is a major part of the plan
2) Sony funded re-makes of some 'smaller' games in the PS4 format given away for free to people who already purchased the older version
3) Sony funded emulator that will allow certain PS3 game code to run...they won't call it an emulator and it won't work for everything...but that is what it will be & how it will work.
4) Some of 'the latest PS3 games might be hybrid PS3/PS4 code or just two codes sold together or on one disc...such games you could categorize under the top three but the end result is they run.

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Didn't Sony kind of hint at this earlier this month when they said that buying Flower, Flow, and Journey on the PS3 would work on the PS4? Something like that?

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I hope when the Gaikai thing is totally up and running they'll allow you to play games you have on disc as long as the disc is in the tray (to authenticate you have it).

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This can't be real!

And if it is, I'll be PISSED if there's some arbitrary nonsense making discs not work.

So it's probably that Gaikai thing.

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Gaikai or black magic. Probably Gaikai.

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Sounds like a PR Rep got his wires crossed.

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No way that backcompat is happening on a hardware level

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So Sony came in and shut down the rumor, though this mistake had to have come from somewhere. As people said, I am inclined to believe this has something to do with Gaikai. We still don't have any information about which games we will have access to through the service, so perhaps this is a hint that there will be some sort of authentication process for previously owned games.

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Sounds like it stems from a misunderstanding. The message being, my PS3 library/rights will transfer to PS4 eventually. Accessible via Gaikai.