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My whats new tab and the overview stuff for each game installed doesnt seem to show up. I cannot even select the whats new tab, it just sits where its at. These aren't vital features but I was wondering if anyone is having the same issue? I do recall all this stuff working the first day too, well, working as good as it could.

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Yeah, same here. I think they turned some things off due to PSN issues. It seems to be much smoother since they did. I am sure things will be fully restored in a few days.

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Sometimes when I go to the Playstation Store and then go back to the What's New tab it's loaded. But that only happened twice. It'll probably be back soon though.

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I have the same issue. But as long as I can play my downloaded games now (a problem I had earlier) I'm good.

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Same here. Assuming it's to lighten the load for launch week, yes. Similar to what Sim City and Diablo 3 did, turn off some expendable features for a limited time to save bandwidth. I'm sure all will be back to normal during the work week.

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Yeah no "What's New" working for me either. They'll probably bring it up sometime this week as the overload decreases.