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Which do you guys do when your done with the console. Honestly, I'm not sure how confident I am with stand by mode. I keep thinking it's going to use too much power or not give the console a rest ever. Maybe I just need to change my mindset, but it just feels weird and a bit wrong putting it in standby because doesn't that still keep the device running without a break?

What do you guys do?

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Standby for me. This allows for uploading saved game data, game updates and the charging of the DS4 controllers. Plus for me remote play on my Vita.

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Power off, only because I am used to it.

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Because then it will charge my controller and Vita.

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Standby. It's like 5 bucks a year in electricity. For all the aforementioned benefits.

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I generally leave it off, as the hum is still noticeable.

I have found that it doesn't do its auto-updates while on standby, all the time. For example, I had a 6gb DC Online patch that needed to be downloaded, and I didn't want it interfering with my Battlefield session. So I cancelled it (as there is no pause facility). Bunged the PS4 on standby later on, then in the morning went to check, and it hadn't downloaded it at all. It only restarted the download once I had logged my machine back on. I've heard @jeff complaining on the BombCast that he has noticed it doesn't update as it should when in standby. (yes, I have checked all my system settings are set to allow automatic downloads and updates while in standby).

Only time I leave it on standby is when I need to charge my pad.

I suspect I might start using it more when you can actually hit "standby" on a game session, and it works as they had originally sold it.

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Right now I just turn it off. I think in a year or so Sony will start to make more use of an always-available connection so it might make more sense then. They talked about pre-loading etc... in 2013.

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Standby, though it doesn't really seem to take any longer to boot up from off and my stuff hasn't been auto updating the way it's supposed to when it's in standby so I'm not sure what the point of it is as of now.

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i leave it on standby to charge my controller

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Huh weird that the update stuff isn't working for you guys. I do standby and last time for example there was a system update I booted from sleep mode and there was my update ready to install. I keep it on standby so I can update/charge controller.

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Both. When my battery is low I use standby and when I don't care I just turn it off.

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There's nothing wrong with leaving it on standby, or just turned on constantly.

The lifespan of modern CPUs is 10+ years without overclocking, and even with overclocking it'll be obsolete before it dies. I imagine it's a similar story with GPUs. (in fact, GPUs theoretically may have longer lifespans as they usually have higher thermal limits)

And the PS4 isn't even awake during standby, not really, it just responds to wake requests if an update is pushed. All the core components are not active.

Also my PC is pretty much never turned off, it's either left on all night or on standby. The motherboard and CPU in this thing are 4 years old now and it's still going, the CPU has been overclocked since the day I bought it. If the PS4 dies because you left it on standby or turned on too much, then it was probably going to fail anyway. The PS4 runs a hell of a lot cooler than my PC does, too.

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My PS4 stays in standby mode unless I am leaving the house for more than two 36 hours. That really it, if I'm gone for around two days I turn it off. Otherwise, I just leave it on for updates, etc because taht is what that mode is for. So, yeah I treat it like a toaster...plugged-in ready to go all the, time unless I'm on vacation - when it gets unplugged.

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I turn it off. I plug the controllers in the TV whenever I'm done playing to charge them.
Any updates will just start downloading in the background when I start it up again so I don't really see the point.

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I tend to put it in standby. Not sure if it is right, but it hasn't died yet...

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I try not to overbook my flights so there is never need for any standbys.