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After hemming and hawing over it for days, I finally clicked that damn pre-order button on this. Anyone else take the plunge or is thinking about it? What hawt games are you getting?

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All I need to know right now is... You don't have a ps4 at the moment, right? Please, tell me you don't! That'd be the main reason for not ordering one myself. Might I suggest Resogun?

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PC Master Race does not approve.


(Destiny does look fun, if there was any game on the horizon that could get me to consider a PS4 it would be that one. Maybe later on when we can see more about the game.)

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I thought about it, I really did, but I'm happy enough with my PS4 to not get a white one. That and I'm kind of thinking of upgrading my PC one day, so I'll put money away for that.

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#5 Posted by EthanielRain (1160 posts) -

I already have a PS4 and I'm considering it, since my PS3 & Vita are both white.

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#6 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12378 posts) -

Pfft, Black PS4 is better.

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#7 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7657 posts) -

@mb: Haha. I'm you PCommunists will rise against me, but I shall prevail with my Destiny and my Dead Island 2.

@earlessshrimp: Nope, I don't own a PS4, or any of its brethren.

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#8 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (2959 posts) -

Honestly, I'd rather a black one. I hope they bundle it with the Black PS4 as well :/

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#9 Posted by Marz (5902 posts) -

i preordered it, don't really care bout the color though, it just comes with destiny so i'm good to go.

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I own a black one, but I really want that white one. If there is a trade-in bonus I will definitely consider it.

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I would get the Destiny Bundle but I don't see the point of paying $450 now and not getting the console for 3 months. Might as well just buy a PS4 and then preorder Destiny. Also Black>White when it comes to consoles.

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I prefer my tech the same way I prefer my magic; black. Plus, waiting that long would mean my crazed midnight decision to go buy a Wii U and PS4 would never come to fruition. And we can't have that now can we?

Also, I type this as I sit here passing the time while I wait for both of the above mentioned to update after finally finding the energy to clean up my room enough that I can unhook the PS3/Wii and put in the PS4/Wii U. All at like 2:00am. This hobby makes me do dumb/weird stuff.

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I'll buy the Red PS4 Bloodborne bundle in the future.

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I was actually waiting for Destiny to get my ps4 anyway so when they announced it I pre ordered the next day.

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#15 Posted by Brake (1266 posts) -

Destiny for me is the console seller. Although, after E3 I'm even more positive on it than before, I still need to see reviews before I commit 450 bones to it.