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#51 Posted by mrfluke (5756 posts) -

im all for being pro sony and throwing rocks at microsoft and xbox one,

but this is just retarded.

#52 Posted by Milkman (18419 posts) -

Does this guy not realize that these issues don't even exist anymore?

#53 Posted by BigJeffrey (5282 posts) -

#54 Posted by Slag (6105 posts) -

Anybody else kinda wanna buy an XBone now because of this?

#55 Edited by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

The guy understands: All that is needed for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.

He didn't pull the blanket over him when he was a kid when he thought there was a monster in the room. He slew the demons in his mind before he was out of short pants. You don't like him because you're still angry ya mamma stopped the breast feeding beause you're still peeing the bed. Disgust is what I have for you spineless bagels.

#56 Posted by NakAttack (1329 posts) -

@slag said:

Anybody else kinda wanna buy an XBone now because of this?


#57 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

@zeforgotten said:

@techhits said:

@wraxend said:

First world issues.

no kidding, to bad this guy isn't spending his energy on an issue that matters.

This is not important?!

Didn't you read what he said? everyone could be making, and I quote, "a fatal mistake"

He's trying to save people from dying! The Xbox One is, in his world, probably a killer robot!

Clearly we need a sexy, mature 80's couple who can ferret out the truth and identify the culprit.

aaaw yes. those bangs. those turtlenecks. so sexy

#58 Posted by Zleunamme (787 posts) -

Who gives a shit? There are bigger problems in the world to be concerned about than a console manufactures policies. How people spend their money is their own business.

#59 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (625 posts) -
@slag said:

Anybody else kinda wanna buy an XBone now because of this?

A bit, yeah.

#60 Posted by PerryVandell (2207 posts) -

Another case of stupid people doing stupid things. Move along, folks.

#61 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (4315 posts) -

So, the gist of the story is crazy guy is planning to do crazy thing? Well, alrighty then. And, if I have to be small potatoes I want to be those tiny red ones.

#62 Posted by TheDudeOfGaming (6115 posts) -

First world problems.

#63 Posted by MildMolasses (3198 posts) -

I'd hate to think what would have happened to this guy if Sony had included the camera as they originally intended

#64 Posted by Undeadpool (5376 posts) -

@animasta said:

man, that guy has nothing going on in his life does he?

Not true. He has the tender love of a good multinational, Japan-based appliance/videogame company.

#65 Posted by audioBusting (1958 posts) -

The Facebook comments are entertaining as always. It's still pretty surprising to me what people would still say without their anonymity on the internet.

#66 Posted by super2j (2087 posts) -

There was a thread just like this on Neogaf awhile ago, except this guy was literally going to block the entrance of the store and hand out flyers to anyone who tried to buy one.

that will not turn out well at all. there are 3 types of people near day one of release date. 1)cod bro: and they might curb stomp him. 2)unrelated guy who couldnt give two shits about this and might curb stomp him for bothering him. 3)And the informed gamer who is aware of what up with the xbone and still wants one. He will verbally curb stomp this guy on a thread or twitter or something.

#67 Posted by GreggD (4592 posts) -

@krakn3dfx said:

Please join and support in educating those less aware gamers from making a fatal mistake and purchasing the Xbox One...

A fatal mistake? That's a bit harsh.

Hardly. If you buy an Xbox One, you'll fucking die.

#68 Posted by Badass_Master_Blaster (32 posts) -

@greggd: I heard Cerny comes into your bedroom at night and eats your soul. Then uses your soul power on his next speech................what? Its just what i heard OK!

#69 Edited by ProfessorEss (7794 posts) -

@zeforgotten said:

Hey, if he actually goes through with it then he gets a tiny amount of respect from me.

At least compared to the usual internet crusaders who just sit on message boards and do, well, nothing(which is what they are used to doing. I mean, they are nobodies doing nothing at all. Why should they break out of their comfort zone?)

It's crazy, sure, but if it happens he at least put some effort into it.

I dunno. I have trouble drumming up respect for stupidity regardless of how much effort is put into it :)

#70 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2714 posts) -

@slag said:

Anybody else kinda wanna buy an XBone now because of this?


#71 Posted by Toxeia (753 posts) -

I'll buy an Xbox One just to spite him I guess... Or was that what he wanted all along?!

#72 Posted by Marcsman (3430 posts) -

If people want the X Box One let them buy it. Would you like to make any more decisions for me?

Worst thread today by far. ( and that is saying a lot )