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I tried sharing a video of my first (of hopefully many) goals scored in FIFA in order to show crowd reactions in the replays. However, my only option was to share the entire match up to that point. Is there a way to only share the most recent minute?

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@gfeltner78: Check the livestream when the guys were playing Madden. The PS4 has rudimentary editing features where you can trim the video that you saved.

The thing that I can't figure out is how to delete saved videos and screenshots. I have a bunch of useless screenshots that I don't plan to upload but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete them. :(

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@djou: go to my profile aka your avatar and go to my files underneath your avatar. Should be far right icon. In there it should have each game you own and within those folders it has videos and screenshots. Go to where you want and press options and you should be able to delete photos/videos.

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@lord_xp: Weird! This videostreaming stuff seems to be a big hit and its buried three menus deep. You would figure that Sony would have a dedicated icon in the toolbar, for goodness sake, they made it a physical button on the controller. Thanks for the tip, I deleted a bunch of videos I didn't even realize I was recording.

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@djou: that's one thing I don't like. I hate that it records stuff without me telling it to do so. There's also no way I can change them from doing so. I'm always deleting stuff. I don't upload videos because I don't even have Facebook so there's no reason to do so.

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does anyone know how to get game audio to play for these shares and things? Every video ive made so far is silent..

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@kadash299: From what I can tell it changes from game to game whether audio is enabled. What is bugging me is I see some people getting audio from the games that aren't working for me. Software just seems straight up buggy.

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@kadash299: I didn't have audio in the Battlefield clip I had but I had some on my Killzone one. Don't know whats up with that.