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I was doing some research about launch days for games, when it was suddenly apparent that the PS4's release is November 15 while WatchDogs is November 19. But every where I look WatchDogs is confirmed as a Launch Day title for PS4. What does it mean?

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wikipedia is suggesting that the november 19th date is in regards to the 360/ps3/pc versions of the game with the ps4 being day one in the respective NA and EU launch days. Its also day one for xbox one on the 22nd

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It comes in my day 1 bundle that I got from amazon so I'm pretty sure it's day 1

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Ubisofts website is still listing it as holiday 2013

Ass Creed 4, on the other hand, is given a firm release date of October 29th... Interesting....

Edit: Gamestop, Amazon, and Walmart list the 12th, while Best Buy and Target list the 19th. These inconsistencies make it seem like theres a chance it won't be a 'launch' title (technically).


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I actually just called Gamestop to ask them about my pre-orders that I've accumulated over the past 6 months for PS4 (AC4, WatchDogs, KillZone) and they told me that I can (supposedly) pick up BF4 and AC4 on the 29th of October, even though I pre-ordered them for PS4. The guy also told me that KZ: SF will launch same day as PS4, which makes sense. But I still can't understand why they would let me get a PS4 copy of the game 12 days before the PS4 comes out.

Also @naru_joe93 WatchDogs was confirmed for the 12th of November for PS4 and the 19th for other platforms respectively.

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Watch Dogs is coming out early for the PS4, actually before the console even comes out. Really interesting, I've never seen a situation like this where a big title like this will come out on one platform before others. Regardless, I'll be picking up my copy on the 12th.

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I'm pretty sure I've seen some cases in the past where games for a new console will release before the console itself. No real point in holding them back, since you can't do much with them until you have the system in your hands.

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@theninjamonke: Because you wont have the system anyways, so its not like you can play them and post footage online. They still shouldn't, but wont hurt anything.

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Umm YEAH might need to rethink this topic? NO WATCH_DOGS until 2014.

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This topic was poorly timed.

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I am so mad about Watch_Dogs I'm gonna cancel my pre-order. Also did I jinx the release by posting this D: D:

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It's a day one title.

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Now that my initial high off the next gen is gone and Watch Dogs is delayed I decided to cancel and get a ps3 to catch up on some games I missed. Watch_Dogs was one of the only games I wanted so now I can wait till spring to pick it up when hopefully some more games will be out.

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luckily i pre-ordered watch_dogs separately from my PS4

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This thread is funny.

Also, I just want to point out how amusing it is that so many people are so willing to place an underscore when typing out the title to this game.

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Also, I just want to point out how amusing it is that so many people are so willing to place an underscore when typing out the title to this game.

Yeah... Marketing works guys!