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I was going through my cable drawer yesterday, finding a bunch of mini-USB cables. At this point only my PS3 controller still uses this.

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It should be the same on DS4.

Edit: actually I think DS4 has a micro USB port instead. Wikipedia

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Not that this is a big deal, but if you are buying a cable for your DS4 controller..like you want a longer one than the one in the box... remember that PS4 uses USB 3.0. but they don't use the SS (super speed) connector from what I can tell. You want to be VERY CAREFUL not to buy a USB 3.0 micro super speed cable because it has a weird micro connector.

(To the left is what you DO NOT want.)

I'm not even sure you can BUY a longer USB 3.0 cable taht will work with DS4, unless you buy a USB 2.0 cable. Time will tell.

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I thought I heard it's a mirco USB cable this time around, as opposed to the mini USB cable used for PS3 gamepads.

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It's micro usb. The old PS3 mini usb cables do not work.

NOTE: If you buy a PS4 controller on its own, it DOES NOT come with a cable.

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If you have a Kindle (Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard in particular), their charging cables can charge it. My Samsung Galaxy S III also shares the same charging cable, so that works too. It is not the same as the PS3 controller's USB connection.

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The official cable to recharge the DS4 is gonna be the "USB 2.0 (or 3.0) - A-Male to Micro-B Cable"... remember that Sony will provide you ONE cable within the PS4 box, but if you buy the controller only, there is no cable with it! here is some pictures of how the cable must looks like in order to recharge your DS4