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I'm interested in seeing what everyone's rarest trophies are.

As far as I know, there's no way to search by rarity yet and the list on the PSN profiles website is apparently inaccurate.

Here's mine:

From Persona 4 Arena. It's funny how a Bronze trophy turns out to be Ultra Rare.

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I'm not sure what my rarest one is, but I have the platinum in Kingdom of Amalur and that's 1.3%. And, the Tales of Xillia platinum is 1.6%.

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Tactical Challenger in Vanquish was the hardest if you want to look that one up. In general its just obscurity and/or being on PS+ that'll lead to flat out rarest, so for example I had a whole bunch of KoF XIII trophies that were ridiculously rare but not really that difficult to get. In terms of "hassle" some of the Bulletstorm trophies were a pain as well since it required coordinating with a dude for 15 hours with no microphone; but that was also kind of neat.

Edit: I think this one might be the rarest. Proudest/dumbest here. Next hard one I'm going for. Amusingly a lot of people claim that Arkham Asylum was harder than Arkham City but the raw stats say otherwise, here's one that took forever. This one is the rarest trophy that a ton of people attempted, and I'd put forward that I think KZ2's campaign is probably the hardest FPS ever that is fair, it's rarer than finishing in the top 1% for a week.

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@fredchuckdave: I earned that one in Vanquish! I shouted so many expletives that week.

I don't have a Playstation 4 yet, but. I have the playstation app for mobile devices, it shows the rarities of the last few games in your play history. It's showing "Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter" in Sine Mora at .1%, and for good reason. Every trophy that isn't bronze in that game is so god-damned brutal. I generally like to milk everything I can out of the games I play, but I came to the realization that I will -NEVER- get the final trophy "Dies Irae" in Sine Mora.

Second rarest in recent play history is "No point in dying" from Limbo, at 1.6%. Honestly not that difficult, just pure memorization.

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I'm interested in seeing what everyone's rarest trophies are.

As far as I know, there's no way to search by rarity yet and the list on the PSN profiles website is apparently inaccurate.

Here's mine:

From Persona 4 Arena. It's funny how a Bronze trophy turns out to be Ultra Rare.

Holy shit. The rarity stuff is retroactive? Thats awesome.

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I'm going to assume it's:

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Master of Tasks - Clear 480 missions in Mission mode. - 0.3%

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I'm going to guess that it's my platinum in Demon's Souls. I didn't check out my trophies yet.

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@demoskinos: Yeah, I was extremely surprised as well. I was sure they confirmed it was only for PS4.

Happy that's not the case. I had fun checking my trophies on the app.

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Surprisingly, it seems to be

Grand Theft Auto V - Close Shave - Complete all Under the Bridge and Knife Flight Challenges. 0.3%

Thats out of 927 trophies I've got. Figured such a popular game would have a lot of people with trophies for it.

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@seikenfreak: It's precisely because its popular that the rarity is there, anything that gets played by a lot of people but not 100%'d by the vast majority of them is your best bet for rarity. So any free PS+ game that's hard; Bloodrayne Betrayal (that's just users that use the site so mostly trophy lovers, if you count everyone it's probably like 0.1% or less) is a good one. Note: Do not try to get that trophy. Using @starvinggamer as a barometer UMVC3 is a 6 to 1 conversion, I suspect its actually even more ridiculous for Bloodrayne because of it being free so probably like 10 to 1. So 0.04% Battletoads lovers eat your heart out.

@insane_shadowblade85: Problem with Demon's Souls or Dark Souls is that a lot of people that play it really like and keep playing it; have both of those platinums but they're not really particularly uncommon (Demon's Souls was on PS+ for a while hence the lower %). I believe I have like 5 or 6 people just on my friend's list that have one or the other.

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damn that trophy is no joke also i have no clue to know, psn site wont show rarity.

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I do have the platinum in ACIV already, probably kind of rare at this point. Injustice is the favorite in the clubhouse for rarest on the PS4 for quite a while I'd guess; it depends how hard Knack's is. In terms of raw difficulty of Platinum it was always a tossup between Vanquish, Wipeout HD, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Star Ocean IV, and more recently Max Payne 3. Some people take 50 hours on Tactical Challenge 6 for example, Star Ocean IV requires 600 hours to complete basically (and is difficult on the side), NGS2 requires finding a partner AND that both of you are excellent at a very difficult game. Max Payne 3 you have to beat the whole fucking game on the hardest difficulty without dying... I should buy that. I'm sure Vanquish is harder on an execution level but on a raw frustration level Max Payne 3 on NYM HC is probably the hardest 3rd person shooter ever made. Something new for @opus to shout expletives about!

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I have a bunch of ultra rare fifa trophies, pretty much anything ultimate team related or the usual "score a goal like this" trophy

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My Metro: Last Light Platinum is at 1.2% (of people who played the game?), but for some reason my entire trophy collection is not viewable on my PS4. I think my World at War platinum might be more rare, but can't check. I wish we could sort by rarity.

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This one is the rarest trophy that a ton of people attempted, and I'd put forward that I think KZ2's campaign is probably the hardest FPS ever that is fair, it's rarer than finishing in the top 1% for a week.

I was half way to getting that but my PS3 died. Then I got a new one and had to charge through on Hard just to unlock Elite again. Then my roommate stole my copy of the game and sold it to pay his cell phone bill. I really do intend on finishing that trophy but fuck have I had some bullshit to deal with along the way.

I haven't checked but I'd bet my rarest is something from Motorstorm Pacific Rift. I have them all. The DLC has some harder ones but I bet way fewer people played that. Or maybe something from Warhawk. Even all these years later I'm probably still top 1% on the leaderboard. I'd check but it looks like the official website with the leaderboard doesn't exist anymore.

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Don't Hate the Player - Win the championship in an Online Association. [NBA 2K14] (PS3) - 0.05%

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All my rarest trophies are associated with the "Protector Trials" dlc for Bioshock 2.

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@mosespippy: Hah, the true test of endurance is random ass shit. For Killzone it's sort of smooth sailing up until the second to last checkpoint which can take, you know 250 attempts. But good on you for trying through all that nonsense. The knife is a lot better than you'd think it would be (and its a shame that melee kills seem to be just terrible in the new Killzone by comparison). The meanest thing Killzone does is that it doesn't save your stats until you hit checkpoints so I have like 1200 kills across my 2 playthroughs and 550 deaths.

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From the 30~ seconds that I spent looking at my trophies, I believe that the Perfect Killer trophy for Killer is Dead is my rarest one.

It's 1.9%

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Seems to be the platinum trophy for Arkham City at 0.7%. It's not particularly hard to get, though it was VERY time consuming. Also trophy rarity is awesome and I hope Microsoft does this too.

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"Weapons Expert" in Punisher: No Mercy. 1.81%. It took me close to 90 hours to unlock the crossbow that's needed for this trophy but it wasn't a grind or anything, I just really liked playing the game.

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@hippie_genocide: Did you do all the Catwoman challenges? That one's quite a bit rarer (and more of a pain in the ass too!)

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I haven't spent much time looking at rarities yet but given the popularity of the series and the pain in the ass it was to get I'm guessing it's my GTA IV platinum.

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I would really like to know the answer to this but apparently the website doesn't show you. =(

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@fredchuckdave: I've done all the catwoman stuff except some of the challenge maps, which are the same as Batman's just with obviously a different character. Her epilogue mission on NG+ was kind of a pain in the butt. Looking at the list, her campaign challenge completion trophy is at 0.2%.

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@hippie_genocide: Ah! That would probably win the thread at this point, I promise "Top of the World: Extreme" doesn't take 30 minutes to do due purely to luck (and... there's a campaign that involves it)! I mean literally every attempt takes 30 minutes. Though I don't really regret that experience, jumping off and whipping back on just looks so stylish.

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Has anyone had problems viewing some of their trophies? I can't view my Demon's Souls, Dead Space and a few other trophies.

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@fredchuckdave: I got pretty good at that one. Double ledge takedown > keep freezing armored thug when he comes to investigate > when he draws a crowd freeze them all then zap him into the others. Boom 2/3 stars right off the bat. But yeah, its definitely the hardest Predator challenge and is cruel to put in a campaign string. Took me a long time to master it.

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@hippie_genocide: Oh I mean with Catwoman, you don't get that stuff and there's different requirements believe one of them is do a beatdown and another is grate takedown, both time consuming and luck based, once you trigger an enemy movement is random and its quite simply not possible to do it with Catwoman without triggering. Get ready to run into a mine on the way to getting the beatdown too, oh boy. It's the only challenge that you want to do with 0 hp out of that campaign so you have to do the whole thing perfect essentially. Ledge takedowns still work, also Chris Redfield (who is also Ezio/new Batman I guess) says "Explosive Primed" on loop, almost as good as Nolan North talking to Nolan North. Reminds me of an old Starcraft mission where Duran said "Charges set" every time you got to a pylon.

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@fredchuckdave: I might try to get those last two Catwoman trophies this weekend just for shits and giggles.

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@hippie_genocide: Cool! I'm sort of tempted to play Arkham City some more just because the combat is so good and it would be depressing to go from near perfect game to merely good game with the new one.

This rarity shit is actually making me want to buy a PS4 more than anything else so far, I should be able to resist the urge though.

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Not sure, but I would guess it's Rising Dragon from the Slingshot expansion to X-Com, which is at .6%

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Getting this was rather difficult

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I'm guessing it is my plat for The Last Of Us. Very proud.

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@newslowsad: Good for you! I still don't have that one, though mostly due to time investment/emotional investment is pretty high.

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My platinum in NFS: Hot Pursuit? It's 1.0%, hopefully they add a way to sort by rarity later.

I was a little surprised that the platinum in Jak and Daxter is 18.1%. Granted, it's an easy platinum, but that still seems high. I guess most of the people who are gonna buy that kind of game are gonna be the kind of people who will finish it.

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I would of guessed it would of been my Plat for Dishonored but weirdly its from Modnation Racers even though less people have the Plat for Dishonored.

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I'm going to assume it's:

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Master of Tasks - Clear 480 missions in Mission mode. - 0.3%

Alright now I'm positive it's the same trophy for the Vita version, 0.1%

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My Blazblue platinum is about 1.8% I think, FFXIII is 2.1%.

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My new rarest trophy is another from Persona 4 Arena:

It's unfortunate that the rarity's minimum seems to be 0.1% and won't go lower.

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@newslowsad: Wow, The Last of Us trophies are tough. Congratulations on that one.

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Not rarest by percentage, but I felt it was relevant.

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I think it has to be my Ni No Kuni Platinum

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All of the Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer trophies were a pain in the ass. One of the others, The Predator Paragon trophy, is at 0.2%. But, this one appears to be my rarest trophy in terms of percentage.

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i have the platinum in Ni No Kuni so that's probably it. But I don't have a PS4 so i can't see rarity. Like that feature.

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Rarest PS4 trophy would be Killzone: Shodwfalls play the campaign without dying trophy which is at 0.4%. It really wasn't that hard, you can skip around the game, play it on any difficulty, and there is a convenient death counter on the chapter select menu. Working toward getting the Resogun plat, but that one is insanely hard. Hardest trophy overall would probably be my FFXIII plat. Specifically the "collect all the shit" trophy... still don't know why I put myself through that.

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0.9% is my rarest, for a silver trophy for 'killing' challenges in Skate 3.