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So I just got an email from Amazon asking me to pick one of the 3 bundles they have on offer. They are:

  • The Knack bundle - Comes with Knack and 1 controller (£385)
  • The Killzone budle - Comes with KZ:SF and 2 controllers (£385)
  • The Gamer bundle - Comes with KZ:SF, 2 controllers, 14 days of PS plus and the camera (£430)

I'm pretty certain I'd rather play Killzone than Knack, I also may cancel this pre-order if I can find a better deal/get a console sooner after launch. So is the camera worth it? If I'm honest I have absolutely no idea what it's going to be used for and I'm not big on motion control stuff.

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There's just about nothing to do with the camera at launch. I'm super confused how the Knack bundle is the same price as the KZ+controller bundle.

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Based just on what I saw on the GameSpot stream yesterday, I'm going to say that getting the camera isn't really worth it.

I'd recommend the Killzone bundle. Why not get the likely better game and a free controller?

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Yeah, it's super weird that you get an extra controller for free with the Killzone bundle. Although that information is from Amazon's FAQ, the product listing and the image of the box only show one controller.

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@ramone: That KillZone bundle seems like the best deal for me. Plus I'm 99% sure you get the 14 days PS+ with every PS4 anyway?

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I'll get the camera eventually. I think I'm just waiting for whatever Double Fine is whipping up.

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Yea people on HUKD have already sussed out that the 2 controllers in the killzone deal is a typo. For the £430 bundle I doubt you would find a better price for that one anywhere else at this point in time (il probably take my words back when all the other shops announce this pack at the same price).

At this point though whatever you choose you will get it before christmas at least unless you gamble somewhere else which might not give you that offer.

In terms of the camera, if video chat is your thing or you plan on doing some twitch picture in picture streaming then it would be cool to get it at this price. other than that there is not much at launch from what I know (voice commands work with your headset im sure).
EDIT: the camera can (im not sure if update 1.5 allows it) auto sign you in when it sees you but if you will only have 1 profile on the console that is kind of useless anyway

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Don't get the camera.