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I am pleasantly surprised how well Remote Play works on Vita. I played through I think Chapter 5 of Killzone on my Vita and noticed no lag or any other major issues.

My biggest problem though is that my hands started to cramp up due to the way they had to be positioned to not touch the back touchscreen. For those that don't know, the back touchscreen is broken up into quadrants to replace R1,R3,L1,L3. Functionally that works fine but the way you have to hold the Vita to make sure you don't accidentally hit something is a pain.

Overall, I'm glad that Remote Play works but I don't really see myself using it a whole lot unless someone really wants the TV.

How's everyone else's Remote Play experience going?

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Exact same experience here. The streaming works perfectly but the touch controls making up for the missing buttons do not. Personally I keep missing the L3/R3 buttons by hitting too low on the back below the touchpad.

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Mine's been pretty good too. I let my neighbor's kid play Resogun across the hall while I went and did laundry. Almost no hitches.

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Used it to play some resogun while I was in the restroom, worked out pretty well. I'm thinking of trying it in bed next. So far the connectivity has been pretty good. I tried using remote play to watch netflix from the ps4 to the vita but that didn't work. Doesn't really matter since I could just watch netflix on the vita instead! Not the biggest fan of the touch integration but you had to do something, right?

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Yep, I'm surprised at how well it works as well. I'm not sure how much I'll end up using it, but I was impressed and you never know, I might end up using it more than I think.

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Hi quick question...when using remote play on the vita and PS4 does it log you in as the user account attached to the vita or the account on the PS4? So if I'm logged in on my PS4 on my UK account as FlameboyNE hit remote play put the code in on my vita attached to flameboyCA (my canadian account) which account does it log me in as?

Wondering how this affects game progress/trophies

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I tried to use it to do some basic menu stuff while watching the launch stream archive. It lagged and randomly told me I was touching the back of the thing. I think speculation of this being equivalent to a Wii U are therefore exaggerated and I can not see myself comfortably using this as I can comfortably use a Wii U gamepad. I'll probably never touch it again.

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I played the crap out of some Assassins Creed 4 from my bedroom after waking up my PS4 from standyby mode with my Vita.

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Yeah, it works really well. I wound up using it today to do a bunch of side activities in Assassins Creed 4 while watching football. It gets a little spotty if I take it upstairs, but on the main floor of my house it's pretty fantastic.

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I christened Remote Play in the bathroom while choppin some logs yesterday.

Tested using AC4. Was impressed how good it still looked and seemed to run fine for the most part. My issue with it though was just trying to play a game like AC4 with the not-very-comfortable-for-serious-games controls of the Vita. I only ran around and did some cutscenes but nothing serious. Not sure I would have been able to. Also didn't like how it was using the rear touch pad for some buttons and I couldn't comfortably hold the thing without touching the rear pad.

Afterwards I walked downstairs to see the range. I was able to make it to the end of the hall (not relevant because people don't know my house layout lol) before the image started to stutter and eventually cut out.

Seems like a cool feature. I'm all for playing games while polluting the pond but I guess it depends on the type of game for me. Glad to have it though.

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I played the crap out of some Assassins Creed 4 from my bedroom after waking up my PS4 from standyby mode with my Vita.

How's the AC4 cramping on the Vita? Are R1/L1/R3/L3 used much? I don't have my PS4 yet, but I was hoping for this to be my #1 remote play game.

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@project343: Those buttons are all mapped on the rear touch screen on the Vita. Those arent buttons you use very often so it works out fine.

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@flameboy84: It's just streaming your ps4 screen to the Vita. The account is irrelevant. Whatever account is logged in on the PS4 is the one you're playing.

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You Vita owners need to get yourself some sweet Vita grips. They come in loads of shapes and sizes and they allow you to hold the thing without cramping or mistakenly touching the rear pad. Game changers.

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I think that some games intelligently change the controls when you're using Remote Play.

Need For Speed made sure that the shoulders on the Vita were the triggers, Gas / Brake, but Blacklight Retribution left the shoulders as L1 / R1, and not the triggers, which would let me ADS / Shoot.

Blacklight lets you customize the controls, but you'd have to change it every time you switch. Shooting by touching the back screen does not work well.

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@psylah: That's really dumb, seems like they put no effort into it. Granted, I wouldn't want to play a competitive game on the vita but still c'mon. Ubisoft really tuned the controls for AC4 and it works really well on Vita. But I guess we'll have to wait and see what devs will try to make the most of Remote Play.

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The only remote play game I've tried so far is Resogun, which worked fine.

Question: do games like ACIV and Killzone display the button prompts differently when using the rear touch? Like, if I had to hit R3, does it show an icon of the right quadrant of the touchpad or does it still say R3?

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Alright, during my lunch break at work, I connected to my PS4 and was playing NFS:R with almost no noticeable lag. For a driving game, it was perfectly playable.

This is huge. I work in Philadelphia, and my house is in South Jersey, and was able to play over the office wi-fi.

It's sorcery!

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Dropped a Duce while gettin my dcuo on! It was super duper pipe dope!

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Yeah it works pretty well, but I think they need to have an option for adjusting the size/position and ratio of the way L2/L3 and R2/R3 replacements are mapped out. Currently I miss the buttons a lot more than I should because they do not extend the entire length of the back touch panel. If you look at the overlay on the screen when connected via remote play you can see what I'm talking about.

We should be able to adjust this to cover the entire surface instead of trying to separate out the panel in to individual sections like physical buttons. It's not as if this extra space is being used for anything, it's essentially a dead zone that makes these pseudo buttons more unreliable than necessary.

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Had a scary experience today.

I was playing remotely on the Vita from work (NFS:R again) and it suddenly lost connection to my PS4. I tried and tried to reconnect, with no luck. I was sure that my PS4 had bricked (as my first one had), and I was hours and miles away from being able to confirm this.

When I got home, I was pleased to see that the PS4 was working, and NFS:R was still running. It had lost connection to the internet somehow, along with the whole PS4. Even stranger was the fact that NFS:R would not respond to any DS4 controller input, but the PS4 menus worked fine. Must be some weird bug.

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Hauled my Vita into the office with me to try out Remote Play over the internet. I'm around 15 miles between work and home, have a 25/5Mbps DSL connection at home and 5 bonded T-1 connections at the office. Initially had some issues with my Netgear not allowing the connection to the PS4, but it turned out to be a bum beta firmware upgrade, and once I downgraded to the previous official release, I was able to connect perfectly with uPnP enabled on the router. Played about 45 minutes of Lego Marvel Super Heroes sitting in my office at work on my lunch break, and it seemed identical to when I was using it with DirectWifi sitting on my couch at home.

Tech is solid if you have the bandwidth on both ends to handle it for sure. Saw a video of a guy playing Resogun on his Vita over an LTE connection, which was pretty crazy.

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It worked fantastically, and the tech takes a dump all over Nintendo's half-baked effort with the Wii U (I have one by the way).

Now they just need to release an accessory that adds the missing buttons to the Vita and it will be perfect. Back touchpad can get kind of finnicky.

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This remains the single biggest reason for me wanting a PS4. It's one of the few things in tech the last few years that seems like straight up magic

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For some reason if i mute sound on my vita it streams better. Might be totally crazy and making it up but it seems to be the case. Works fine either way! My number 1 reason to get a ps4 over xbone

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I've only used it once with Resogun just to test it out. Worked fine. I'm going to assume it would not work if my PS4 was in standby mode though?

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@sdharrison said:

This remains the single biggest reason for me wanting a PS4. It's one of the few things in tech the last few years that seems like straight up magic

Yep. This has motivated me to buy a Vita this holiday season in preparation for a PS4 sometime next year. I will happily take remote play over anything Kinect can do.

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Couldn't connect to my PS4 from work today, and couldn't figure out why.

PS4 firmware update, so the PS4 wouldn't connect to PSN until it was installed. PSN is required for remote play.

Take note.

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Most compelling feature on both the vita and the ps4.

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I haven't used it a ton yet but I think there's potential there for the right games. DC Universe Online is okay on it and I really like Resogun on the Vita (so glad this is one of the few games that allow you to remap the controls! X and Square rather than use the back touch pad.)

I have the same complaint as many in that the rear touch pad isn't great as set up. Hopefully they will introduce some different options like tapping or swiping in two active zones (left and right) or allowing for custom gestures and placement of active areas so as to accommodate your hand size. Not holding my breath, though.

If you have the Vita grip thing, it helps a bit. But I like to play laying on my back in bed with the Vita over my face (don't fall asleep like that!) and there is no comfortable way to not touch that back touch pad.

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if I ever get a PS4 ill probably remote play alot. Playing PS4 in bed on a vita sounds awesome.

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Works great, just wish I had those buttons. I find Need for Speed fairly easy to play with it. Probably the best experience I've had with it thus far is just lying in bed with my PS4 out in the family room and just playing some Need for Speed when I woke up this morning.