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As the topic suggests, both Kat (from Gravity Rush) and Emmett Graves(from Starhawk) will be DLC for Sony's Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale. They are to be added to the roster in 2013 for the awesome price of free for the first two weeks. After the two week window, I assume you'll have to pay for them, and I don't know how much they will be.

Source here from the PSBlog.

This is awesome news. I was on the fence about this title. I played the beta, and like many others, felt there was just no soul in the game. With questionable mechanics and an odd choice of UI, I wasn't quite sold on the game just yet. However, its great to see they'll still be adding characters to the roster post launch. I absolutely adore Kat. She's probably one of my favorite new characters from this year. Don't really have much love for Emmett. I haven't played Starhawk yet, but I'm sure his moveset will bring some interesting variety to the game.

All this post launch DLC stuff gets me excited for the possibility of Selvaria turning up in the roster.

I might just have to get this now. They seem to adding a lot of value to the package. Free version of the Vita version when you buy the ps3 one at no additional cost is an awesome thing.

Update: The DLC characters will also have their own stories and rivalries(?) in single player mode.

Do DLC characters have single player stories? are these 2 rivals?
Yes, happy to say both Kat and Emmett have full story modes complete with rivalry cinematically. Are they rivals? Hmmm… - Seth Killian from the PSBlog

Update:Some new info on the new dlc characters as well as a teasing of a new stage with Heavenly Sword and Wipeout elements.

Update: A release date for Kat and Emmett has been announced. They will be on PSN on February 12th, and they will be free for the first two weeks.The new stage, Fearless, will also be out sometime in February, but that is not free.

Here's a character trailer for Kat:

And one for Emmett:

Some screenshots of Kat in action:

Screenshots of Emmett in action:

The new stage, dubbed "Fearless" :

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Oh crap, I'm kinda surprised they'd bother adding the story mode stuff for the DLC characters. That's pretty neat, actually.

I'm most excited for Kat, but it's great that they're going to offer these first two characters for free.

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i'm usually concerned when specific dlc is announced BEFORE the damn game's even out, but goddamn, people just would not stop asking about dlc for this game. even back before the whole roster was leaked.

anyways, they both seem like potentially interesting characters to play as. looking forward to it!

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Thought that was going to be Kat from the DmC game, considering that NT Dante is already in there.

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Hmmm, HMMM, I am really on the fence with this game.


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playing the beta was so frustrating. i really wasn't digging the supers system.

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Emmett has that middle eastern vibe going on. Just an observation.

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I feel like I'm the only person in the world that actually played Starhawk. Emmett isn't really a very interesting character...

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The Emmett Graves?

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If only it were Emmett Brown.

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This seemed like a fun multiplayer game from what I played at Eurogamer, reminded me a lot of smash bros obviously (I know how you KO guys is different, more just how it felt and kind of looked) I kind of wish I had a PS3 so I could pick it up, glad they are supporting it with free dlc to encourage others to get it though.

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Playstation updated their blog with more info explaining the fight style of the new characters, as well as teasing a new stage.

Personally, I think Kat's style seems pretty cool so far. She doesn't get a double jump due to her gravity shift abilities. She seems like my style of character, always in the air attacking aerially.

The new stage looks pretty rad too. One of the better ones that's for sure. Having a Wipeout race going on in the background and weapons from the vehicles hitting the stage sounds like a pretty crazy "hazard" to avoid.

I updated the original post with screenshots and a link to the blog post.

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New stage looks freaking DOPE. The characters can be interesting, though Emmett couldn't look more generic.

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It felt like an oversight not to have a character representing the Vita, so I'm glad Kat's in and seems to play like a character I'd be interested in using. These're certainly not the worst character picks we've had.

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@BisonHero said:

If only it were Emmett Brown.


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Wait, wait, wait... you don't mean the Emmett Graves, from that classic Sony franchise Starhawk!

Way to dig into that back catalog.

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A release date for Kat and Emmett has been announced. They will be on PSN on February 12th, and they will be free for the first two weeks.The new stage, Fearless, will also be out sometime in February, but that is not free.

Here's a character trailer for Kat:

And one for Emmett:

(video embed is not working)

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They all look awesome! Especially the new level.

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For a minute I thought Kat was Katja from the walking dead. Now I am disappointed.

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Embedding is fine for me, here are the videos: 


I'm disappointed that the levels won't be free. If anything those are the most important things to make free to avoid splintering the community. I'm still having a shit ton of fun with this game kicking ass and taking names with Jak and Daxter. Here's to hoping some of these people make it into the game.
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DLC's up, by the way...

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Thanks for the bump. Completely forgot about this. Certainly came out with no fanfare. Didn't notice it mentioned on the PS Blog... must of been tucked away in the update post. Really looking forward to playing as Kat.

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I downloaded them on the Vita... umm how the hell do you play with them? They aren't on the character select menu at all.

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@handlas: Try re-downloading, after I downloaded them the where just there, on the PS3 at least.

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@darkshaper: hummm nope. Re-downloaded them (and it installs). Still nothing. They don't show up any character select screen on the Vita. Strange, haven't seen anyone else having issues unless no one d/led them on Vita.

edit: Okay, there is an update to the game that I never downloaded. That's why. Thought the games just update automatically when you start them. Guess you have to click on an icon before starting up the game on the Vita... lol 400 minutes guess I won't be playing this tonight.

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Kat seems pretty fun and easy to play for me. Haven't tried Emmett but nothing about him seems really appealing.