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I've not heard much about these two games since everything changed with Driveclub not being available. It seems that Contrast (replacement to Driveclub) and Resogun have seen more media coverage than the original free titles announced by Sony. Understandable as Resogun is a PS4 exclusive and Contrast is a new release, unlike Outlast and Don't starve which have been on PC for awhile.

Can anyone shine some light on this ?


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Neither of those games are launch titles. They'll be free on PS+ when they are released.

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seems like just a years worth of PS+ is the best thing to get get for a new PS4.

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Thanks for the update guys.

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Thanks for reminding me about Outlast coming to PS4! I loved that game on PC and if given the chance I will get it again on PS4. Even if its not free for a while after it releases on PS4 it was only $20 so I can't see it being more expensive. Hopefully it releases around January/February. Same for Octodad.

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January 4th EU will get Dont starve i think.

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I'm in EU region and there is no sign of any of those games at all. Nothing for the PS4, just for PS3/Vita/PSP.

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January 4th? I don't even think it shows up on the NA PSN until tomorrow.

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Don't Starve hits PS+ for US tomorrow. Outlast I have no idea when that hits.


EDIT: Just noticed this is a month old topic.

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Caaaant wait to try some Don't Starve on PS4. :)

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Don't Starve tomorrow. That's going to be great.

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@quipido: EU currently has Resogun and Contrast. On Wednesday Contrast leaves and Don't Starve gets added.

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Good, I need more PS4 games. I think I'm done saving the last humans.

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Yes!! Don't Starve tomorrow on PS4.