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I've noticed that the deals for playstation plus in the U.K. seem to be better than those available in the U.S. (in my opinion) Is there any advice that you would have on the topic of starting a Playstation Account for a different region? If I do so, where would be the best place to get PSN codes?

P.S. What is the difference between an answerable question and a normal post?

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In an answerable question the question asker can select a response as the best answer and it will be moved up to the number two post.

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I. Have. No. Idea.

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I am one of those nuts that made my native UK account for Xbox and Ps3...then made US account for both...then Japanese accounts.

Now making the accounts and connecting to servers are easyish.

What you will need to do is make UK email. So go to hotmail and mess around untill you have the .co.uk suffix.

You will need a UK postcode is like a Zip code. so go to google maps and pruse like London and take the details of some buisness. For my Us accounts its some random buildings around the whitehouse. For my Japanese account its a fish cannery in Fukoshima prefecture.

Zipcodes and Japanese details are murder to get. Postcodes easy Google maps will happily supply every ounce of detail pretty much.

I dont know how buying stuff exactly works In theory its just the same as if you were native however I never had the balls to try...mainly I want to buy Japanese stuff...but is in Japanese! Id be crazy to do so.

So unless security has changed should be like that.

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@akyho: Thanks. I decided to start one up. I got my 3 month ps plus code from cardcodes.com. Mostly I've been curious about Hitman: Absolution for a while now and thought I might as well get a subscription since they have it available in May.