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Thinking about getting one, but can I play na games on it? I know it requires a jap(not racist shit) Psn account. Canz it play na games?

also how hard is it to make a jap account?

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Hope they bring it to US sooner or later. I'm very interested in the product but don't want to deal with importing. Jeff said he was getting one so maybe a video or stream of what it can do at some point.

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The Vita is region free right? I don't see why this wouldn't play na games.

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Apparently the store is region locked, so you'll have to set up a japanese PSN account.

That means you won't get your PS+ games from your current US account. Not sure about the cart games, they should be fine.

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ah, okay. Seems that i would not have no problems.

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From what I understand the Vita TV and Vita will share the same storefront... It is region free but you can only use one account per memory stick. You should be able to just use your NA account just fine... but I haven't seen any confirmation on this, just basing it on conjecture.

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it would connect to whatever store is native to your account. I would think.