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So, I've got a 4gb memory card and I keep putting off upgrading to a bigger card. I've got a copy of persona 4 on a cart.

Having finished Danganronpa, I can delete it from my card to make room for a new game, and I'm looking for suggestions, mostly among recent releases.

In September, I'll likely put dabganronpa 2 on the card.

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Do you mean games that came out recently in general or do you mean games like Danganronpa or Persona 4 that came out recently?

Either way I've been considering the recent releases of Mind Zero, Conception II, and Demon Gaze. Demon Gaze seems the best of the three though. Going by what I seen via comments and reviews.

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@the_hiro_abides: I've been considering Demon Gaze, but the reviews are unclear. I've also been consider Deception IV. Really, I'm looking for decent games, and if it's older than 6 months, I've probably considered it and rejected it for some reason. Though I'm reconsidering Disgaea, as I initially liked the first one in the PS2 era, but couldn't get into replaying it on the vita.

@bigjeffrey: Seems cool, but I'm terrible at Rhythm games.

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Zero escape Virtue last rewards if you are looking for something in the same ball part as danganronpa.

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I don't wanna make a topic because it's been done to death so I'll ask in here since you cats seems cool

Should I get a Vita or a Wii-U? I'm legitimately losing sleep over this.

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@secondpersonshooter: Hard question to answer. What games are you into or looking forward too? Mario kart 8 and smash bro is coming out which will be pretty big games to go along side the already solid line up the Wii U has right now. The vita has the indie games, a few great gems like persona 4 golden and gravity rush. Also if you are into rpgs the vita will serve you well. So if you are looking forward to mario kart 8 or smash get the wii u if not than you can wait until they sweetin the deal. In short you can wait on the wii u if nothing right now is interesting you and go for the vita. Or get the wii u mario kart 8 and wait on the vita come holiday when some deal is bound to happen.

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@phantomzxro: I love RPGs but I also love platformers and many of the Nintendo franchises, I already have a 3DS so I justified to myself before that I could get Smash Bros on that and not worry about the Wii-U version but it seems more and more apparent that the two are going to be different enough where buying both is probably a strong possibility. I suppose I'll wait for E3 to see if either console gets a price drop, and that will probably push my decision in one direction or the other.

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MURAMASA THE DEMON BLADE. Also conception is pretty cool/weird

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MURAMASA THE DEMON BLADE. Also conception is pretty cool/weird

Muramasa was a brilliant game when it came out, and it's still holds up wonderfully well in the remake. A fantastic take on side scrolling goodness.

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@theegravedigger: I thought Demon Gaze was great. If you aren't put off by the art style or a little bit of weird icchi-ness, it's an awesome game. The actual dungeon crawling is exceptionally well done. Conception II is not bad, but I put it down to finish FFX and Demon Gaze.

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Another vote in the Muramasa column from me. Fantastic art, music and animation plus the core gameplay, while a little repetitive, is compelling. It's got a boatload of content too so should last you a fair while.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is another good option. I liked the original although it lacked variety, it was very memorable. This is a remake with more content. It's got its own style and the combat mechanics are quite deep if you give them a chance.

You could also try Rainbow Moon (which is a cheaper downloadable JRPG), or Ys Memories of Celcetta, which is high on my wanted list and one of the vita's best games, by all accounts.

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Monster Monpiece

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Yeah, if we're stretching the definition of "recent", I would also highly recommend VLR and Ys.

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@secondpersonshooter: yeah, I would wait for E3 but judging from what you are saying, the vita seems like my guess of what you will get more out of. But it does seem like Super smash bros is a big deal for you so let's see how e3 turns out.

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@demoskinos: Is that one actually any good?

@elcapitan: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, Which version would you go with?

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@theegravedigger: I can only speak personally but I've been really liking it. Lets be up front here yes there is plenty of emphasis on titillation with naked anime girls but the actual card battling part of the game is pretty damn fun. If anime boobs don't bother you you'll actually have a good time.

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Soul Sacrifice Delta is the best Action RPG available on the system right now, overtaking even Ys: Memories of Celceta. Though the majority of it's entertainment value comes from online play. If you prefer single player games you won't get as much pleasure out of it; something to take into consideration.

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I will second the opinion that if you don't mind anime boobs and feeling pretty dumb/self-conscious rubbing your Vita, the core card battling and deck building of Monster Monpiece is a lot of fun. Between the gameplay and the ecchi stuff, it's niche as fuck, but for the right people it's very well done.

Comparing Virtue's Last Reward versions, I would go with the Vita version. You get better visuals and the screenshot functionality is a handy way to do memos, which becomes somewhat relevant. The 3DS version makes a decent, but not earth-shattering, use of the dual screens, and you have to be careful to avoid the save bug it has.

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@demoskinos: Given that I own a copy of Tanta Cuore.... I don't mind titillation.

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@theegravedigger: I've only played it on the 3DS, but I'd say that you should just play it on whatever platform you prefer for reading.



  • 3D (naturally)
  • Easier to keep tabs of notes and such because you have two screens


  • Less sharp graphics (it's not an intense game, it kind of doesn't matter)
  • No trophies
  • The PEC room has a save-breaking bug. Can't save during puzzle rooms (Not too hard not to save in there/use standby mode to bypass this). It's maybe fixed in the eShop version

Vita...well, the pros and cons are opposite of the 3DS one.

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If you have persona 4 put that shit in! Ive been playing it for the past six months.