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So I've been thinking about it and I have a few predictions when it comes to Sony's handheld. Some I think will happen, while others I'm sure will not but would be pretty cool if they did.

1. Price drop

Its happening. I predict at least a $50 price drop if they don't drop the price to what the 3DS sells for. This would be for both models, although the 3G version already had a price drop.

2. Bundles to be announced.

Probable with whatever big game is coming out this xmas, but that isnt what I'm predicting. I'm predicting that Sony will announce a PSV/PS4 bundle. Get both consoles in one box. It'll serve as the PS4 top tier bundle. Crazy I know, but I have a good feeling about this one.

3. Discontinuing 3G model or introducing 4G model.

I can see Sony dropping the 3G version and only doing WiFi going forward. While i love the 3G features, i fully understand why people don't like em. On the other hand, i think a 4G LTE version that didnt have the restrictions on it that 3G does could do well. Actually playing a game online using LTE would be amazing and i believe LTE could do it (i was playing Battlefield 3 using the 3G that can be found on the Vita with no problems). Because of the universal language of LTE this would also allow people to get a Verizon Vita, ending the problems people have with going with AT&T (i still believe AT&T has the better network for internet).

4. PS2 classics

The Vita can handle PS2 games, they just need to be made to work. I can see Sony moving into this area. In a perfect world the ones we have purchased on PS3 will work (like Minis and PS1) but i can see them charging for those again.

Thats what i got on the Vita side for now. Im expecting a big E3 from both Sony and Microsoft. Sony has a new platform and i think need a new strategy for existing hardware while Microsoft also has new hardware and need to give the user a good reason to get the Xbox. With the generation shift and both coming at the same time i think its an open field.

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They'll probably do everything they possibly can to make the Vita look like a great thing to have alongside a PS4. And there will be a PS4/Vita bundle for a heck of a deal.

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Price drop seems almost guaranteed.

I'd love if they brought in PS2 Classics, just for the prospect of more PS+ free game options.

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Sony announces a new advertising campaign dubbed "Marcus Vita."

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I REALLY hope there is a price drop. I have been really wanting a Vita but the cost is just too high.

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A price cut and PS2 classics would be amazing, as you say (the latter would be great news to us who already own Vitas - eg. P4G and FFX/X-2 are the games to have atm).

A PS4/Vita combo would be both awesome and insane. I mean... like the best case scenario would be;

  • Vita: $199 after price cut (wifi model)
  • PS4 Base Model: $399
  • PS4 Badass Model: $499 (more chrome, more storage)
  • PS4 + Vita Bundle: $629 (Badass model, 4gb or 8gb memory card for the Vita, 1 year PS+)

I say 629 because I don't think they'll want to price anything at $599 again, but who knows. But yes - it sounds like a fucking great deal but I have no idea if anyone would buy it.

As for discontinuing the 3G model and bringing in a 4G model, I think Sony have stated that the overwhelming majority of Vita purchases have been the wifi model, so I'd just ditch the cellular models entirely if I were them - cut down on manufacturing plant costs, etc, put that money towards lowering prices, PS+ and more games.

Finally, my predictions:

  • The announce a couple more HD ports (maybe Kingdom Hearts? I don't like those games, but it seems many do)
  • One or two 3rd party exclusives that look remotely good get announced.
  • One or two 1st party exclusives get announced and they don't look too appealing

My wishlist:

  • Persona 5 - cross play / buy / whatever, I just love playing Persona games on my Vita
  • A good new IP that impresses me.
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I'm hoping for price drop and will be surprised if a new model shows up.

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Yeah. The 3G model will definitely be phased out. Retailers have been lowering the 3G's pricing for a long time here(Norway) now.

They will get a lot of sales if they include PS2 classics. A portable PS2 is a dream of mine.

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I think they should introduce a redesign with around 40 gigs of space by default and a better battery (and more colors). I have owned a Vita with a 32 gig card since launch and I actually spend more time with it then an other console (and I own every console, including the Wii U). A redesign with significant built in memory and a cheaper price would seriously tempt me into buying a second one.

As for your predictions, I think they are going to drop the price, and they are going to discontinue the 3G model entirely. PS2 classics are something I would love but wouldn't hold my breath for (we still don't even have all the PS-One games working on the Vita). As for bundles, if they are going to make one I would bet it would be with the PS3. Having three different tiers of PS4 would be confusing as hell for parents during the holiday season. If they can I think they should simply have one PS4 SKU with at least a terabyte of space. They should keep it as simple as possible for consumers.

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I wont predict anything, but I would love further PS2 game support. If that were all the PSVita could do, it would probably be my favourite console.

That said, they're not being sold the same way PS1 games are, so they'll probably be sold separately to the PS3 versions. :(

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It better be something big; it is impossible to get in this year to their press conference.

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I genuinely thought they had already phased out the 3G model.

I wish they'd do what @darthorange: suggested. The Vita seems like a neat device, if only for cross play and P4G, but it's too damn expensive when you take the memory into account.

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My sealed envelope predictions:

1) Vita will get less than 5 minutes of the Sony press conference. Any mention will be in conjunction to streaming from PS4, interoperability with the PS4, how great the PS4 will look in your living room when near a Vita, how Gaikai and the PS4 will make you and your Vita look thinner and sexier, etc.

2) A new first party game will be announced for release in the fall. Maybe Panopticon? more likely some Ratchet or something like that :/

3) PS+ games for Vita for the next month mentioned. Probably something interesting.

My dreams that could become a reality, maybe:

  • Price drop to $200, with 4 gb memory card in box. Memory sees price cut across the board, 64 gb card announced.
  • PS2 classics make it to Vita.
  • Oops, they killed the 3G.
  • New UI for Vita (store)? something to bring it more in line with PS4 UI.

Ultimate dream:

  • A red and black redesigned slim Vita. I love my red and black PSP, but the paint is peeling off the back :(
  • Persona 5 coming to Vita this holiday season. Cross-play/buy/save enabled.
  • Xseed/Marvelous announces new Falcom games being localized for Vita. Coming this year.
  • Near becomes useful. LET ME DREAM, DAMMIT.
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Some of my predictions are hopes too. Dream world, I get a new 4G LTE Vita bundled in my PS4 this xmas and I can download San Andreas on it.

I need a new Vita, and I'm hoping I'll be able to get a 3G Vita before they are completely gone. I use the 3G features. Some games do it right (I can download levels on LBP and ModNation).

I'm hoping the bundle that comes with 1 year of Plus is still around. I'm trying to con the family into getting me a new Vita as a awesome Fathers Day gift.