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Okay, long story short. I'll have a fairly decent amount of extra money to spend and was initially going to buy a PS4 with it. However, doesn't seem like stock for PS4 is going to pick up anytime soon. I've also got the opportunity at work on Dec 5th to get 25% off one transaction.

So seeing as I can only use the discount on the 5th I figure I need to use it and as awesome as getting 25% off a shit ton of packs of socks or something sounds I figure I'd get something I've been kind of sort of wanting off and on. Also seeing as I have PS+ I'd just be getting way more out of that service so here is what I plan to get:

  • PS Vita System (Wi-Fi)
  • x2 8GB memory cards (I'd get a 16GB but we apparently don't sell them in the store)
  • Dead or Alive 5+ (PSN)
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma+ & Sigma 2+ (PSN bundle)
  • Persona 4 Golden (PSN)

I've done the math and I should be able to get all of that for about $320

Games I have access to via Cross Buy/ PS+ :

  • Uncharted Golden Abyss
  • Gravity Rush
  • Wipeout 2048
  • Hotline Miami
  • Divekick
  • Sine Mora
  • Playstation All Stars

I know I need to also grab a pair of ear buds or something but other than that anything else that I should look out for or know about the Vita going in? I know the obvious answer for game recommendations is Tearaway which I'll most likely get around to. As far as game recommendations I'm interested in the more niche or obscure stuff that's worth playing.

I'm also pretty excited that Hatsune Miku Project Diva F got announced for vita in North America for 2014~! Also, compared to a PSP-3000 how much bigger is the vita? I looked up the dimensions and it seemed like it wasn't THAT much bigger. I'm hoping I can fit it in my back pocket or something.

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Personal experience here; but with the games rolling out on playstation plus I barely have time to spend on the ones I actually purchased for the vita. I played my copy of mortal kombat for less than an hour before being distracted by gravity daze. It's totally up to you on how much time you'll spend with it, but in hindsight I wouldn't have bought the games I have right now until I burned through the playstation plus games first. Several months later and I only put a second hour into mortal kombat, while I put over 24 hours into Sine Mora, buyer's remorse in my case. But P4G is awesome, so you're at a crossroads there.

The vita is barely bigger than the PSP was, but the thing that hinders it's portability is that it has actual analog sticks poking out. My pants generally don't have pockets with enough space to keep those things from being crushed, so in my case i have to put it in a case and toss it in the bag with my laptop.

Also, Sine Mora is going to replaced either this week or next with a new vita game, followed by Hotline Miami two weeks later. I recommend you log on to their web store and "purchase" them (which should be "free", assuming you have ps+ right now.) they're solid games and I'd hate for you to miss it while waiting for your discount to kick in.

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Does your store sell 32GB cards? I have a 16 which shows a max capacity of 14 after formatting and everything, and I honestly wouldn't waste me time with 2 8GB cards. Vita is like PS3 where you also need space to install after downloading. I have Uncharted and it shows as 3067MB, PS All-Stars is 2228MB, Gravity Rush is 1458MB, soooo yeah.

I think the digital version of Killzone is over 5GB after patching. I don't know if you're interested in Killzone or not but that sort of situation is something to be aware of.

The Vita can totally fit in a normal front pocket. I wear normal Levi's and it isn't a pain to put in/take out of my front pocket or get in the way when I drive or anything.

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@joeyia: Nope. 8GB cards are the biggest I can get at my store unless I want to buy a card off of Amazon which is like $72. Which, is probably worth the money or well i should rephrase worth getting at some point. I guess I'll just prioritize how I Install things with larger stuff up front at least for now? I don't think I plan on installing all of that stuff anyways but thanks for the heads up on that. I'll have to remember that when managing space.

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You should definitely get virtues last reward. It's niche and japanese. I also had fun with dynasty warriors, but it was also the first and only dw i played, so i can't really say how good or bad it is compared with other dw games.

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Rethink those two memory cards lad. If you have to, order a bigger one from some other place. I have a 16 GB card, and it's okay - just enough. If I were you, I'd pony up and import the new 64 GB one from Japan - that'd be the life.

You do not want to switch storage. That stuff feels integral, not modular.

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@blacklagoon: Yes! If you buy a Vita you have to get Ys Celceta. Absolutely superb fast ARPG that is easy as hell to jump in and play for a little bit and then jump back out. Falcom deserves so much more love from the West. Such an old company putting out amazing games.

Soundtrack is fantastic as well. That 3D BGM music.

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Don't get two 8gb memory cards, if you can't get a 16 or 32, just make due with one 8, you don't want to be swapping cards all the time.

Sony has a content manager application that lets you swap games quickly between the Vita and your PC or PS3, you'll just have to get good with using that.

I have a 32gb card and it's always full, I really can't wait until the 64gb cards come out.

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As others have mentioned, you are better off getting a 32gb (or waiting for 64gb) memory card... and definitely do not get 8gb. It's not worth it. When I got my Vita I got it with a 16gb and soon enough saw the huge mistake of not getting 32.

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Make sure you get Tearaway, it's incredible.

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I don't understand all the talk about there being no games. I literally have purchased about 4x more games for the Vita than my 3DS. I hope you enjoy the system. With the free games on PSN+, the existing library, and the cross buy stuff you should have plenty to do.

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How is DOA5? I saw it used at Gamestop and it's pretty cheap, was thinking of picking it up.

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I picked up a Vita about a month ago; I personally wanted the OLED version, and with a ton of gift cards sitting around, I couldn't pass up the Walking Dead bundle. I have yet to buy a game for it thanks to PS+, and now with PS4 remote play, I use the device almost exclusively.

Hopefully that PS4/Vita bundle makes its way to North America to promote the system further.

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Try as hard as you can to find a bigger memory card. They're pretty expensive but Man are they worth it with all the stuff PS+ gives you to download.

Also Gravity Rush Rules.

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Good, Vita is great. I bought Muramasa and had my PS+ games, but for the first week or two all I played was Spelunky.

I'm catching up now and it's a heck of a system.

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Fuuuck I hate you guys. You're so right about the memory card now that I think about it. But if Im sending for a 32Gb card from amazon and having to wait before I do anything with my vita I might as well buy some physical copies of games since some of them on amazon are a bit cheaper. Ugh. I will have to put more thought into my plans. Although thanks for bringing the memory thing to my attention. I never thought about having to have double the space for installs.