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Sony Japan will be holding the second "Vita Heaven" news broadcast, which was initially scheduled for last summer, tomorrow.

The live stream will be here.

Interesting that it's taking place so close to the 20th.


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So the Vita is in heaven instead of in Playstation's future?

But yeah, hopefully they can veer away from the iceberg with this.

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Kind of an unfortunate name for a Vita event...

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"Surprise the Vita is the PS4!"

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"We would like to acknowledge that, yes, the Vita still exists. Plans for it? That's on a need to know basis, and you sons of bitches don't need to know." That's what I'm guessing they'll say.

No, seriously, after that pretty awesome Nintendo conference, they're gonna need to put some effort into this one.

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I'd play Okami HD on a Vita...

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A price drop and some games would fuel the Sony hype train.

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Starting in about 49 mins apparently.

I highly doubt there'll be anything in English there, however.

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Very interesting. I expected them to devote a few minutes to this at the press conference on the 20th, but if they're not including Vita stuff there, then that leaves more time for the exciting stuff.

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