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With the various deals on the Playstation Vita everywhere, I have been kinda considering buying one. Honestly I am not too interested in the Xbox One or PS4 Yet, I will eventually get both but my PC is kinda doing everything for me right now as far as that goes, so I prob won't for 6 months or more bother with those.

But I am just thinking about a Vita..... I have been hearing people talk on the various podcasts and such about it, and how great it really is [I think Alex for example did and such] but it lacks a bit of a library, and the terrible memory card issue being overpriced. I have a few questions about it all.

First and foremost, do you recommend one? I already have a 3DS but I feel I could do with a bit more mobile gameplay. Is the list of games really THAT bad? Or could I get a fair shake of games that would keep me going every so often when I would want to play somewhere else.

Do I need PSPlus to enjoy this to it's full extent? [What does it cost also lol?]. In addition, I am seeing two models, the 3G one, and the Wifi one, I can't imagine really needing the 3G and I am aware that would have a data plan, so I would likely not care or want that one, but do you all recommend any of that? Even if I will likely not ever use the data plan on it, should I get a 3G one just in case, or is it really not worth it? I highly doubt I would ever need the online beyond wifi overall.

Also, I will eventually get a PS4 [still undecided if I will get an xbox one or that first though], but it will be a long time until I get one maybe even a year, is it still valuable even if I dont' have one? Or is it really only worth getting a Vita for the PS4 functionality?

Thanks and any other advice... one tidbit about me, I once bought a PSP GO shockingly, yes they did exist XD!

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Don't get the 3G one. In my opinion you should really get PSPlus if you want to get everything out of the device. The deals every month are a great selling point. It's also a great handheld for old ps1 and ps2 games. Beyond that Persona 4 Golden and Tearaway are worth owning. If those benefits entice you then go for it. If not don't. If you do, definitely get a large memory card if you plan on doing any downloading.

I have a 3DS and no ps4 as well, and I barely use the thing. Honestly I only use it to play Persona 4 Golden when I need to scratch that itch. But that's just me. I found that to be worth it because I'm a die hard persona fan and absolutely needed the new version and content. I don't have a memory card big enough to take advantage of all the great downloadables, so I'm just kind of putting that off for now. I imagine if I ever dish out the cash for a larger one I'll use it a lot more given all of the good stuff on the digital store.

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Ok, if I did get one, what size memory card do you think would be a good idea?


This seems to be the best deal I can find with very minor glances, I think that is the 3G version too it seems to indicate, is that game any good on the vita, I never played it on the other stuff before.

Update: Hmm I would say there are quite a few games on there I would be interested in. A few of those I have or have played on other platforms, but I would say there are enough games there to make me happy. I never played Lumines even on the PSP and was always interested too. I think I will go for it. I think 16 gig memory card is what I would have to get though, as I am no way paying near 90 bucks for a 32 gig one LOL

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@alavapenguin: From what I know the Vita version of TWD is fine. It's not exactly a demanding game controls-wise.

For the memory card, I suppose it depend on how much data-management you want to do, and how good you are about clearing games and not going back to them. I have a tendency to dabble with a lot of different games on handhelds so my 32 GB card is almost full of half-beaten games. For the average person I'd say maybe 16 GB and if you're really diligent about finishing stuff then maybe 8 GB.

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I think the vita version of the Walking Dead had a few framerate problems like the console versions, but seems to be a good version.

Right now gamestop is having a sale on Vita memory cards, you can grab a 16gb card for $20 or a 32gb card for $50.. I have am 8gb card and its a bit small but i think a 16gb card should be pretty good for fitting a decent amount of stuff on.

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Oh nice call on the gamestop cards, yeah I see they are cheaper a bit! They only have the 16 gb ones available online right now anyway, and I think that is enough for me, I don't plan on mass buying games, just a few here and there. Thanks!

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It's an amazing port system. It sounds like you don't have a PS3, so a lot of the crossbuy games should be new to you.

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@recspec said:

It's an amazing port system. It sounds like you don't have a PS3, so a lot of the crossbuy games should be new to you.

I do but it is sitting in my closet and has been for over a year LOL. I never played it enough so I am sure I missed a lot.

Honestly I played two killzone games on it, MAG, and FF13 in it's entire lifetime XD more than likely. Also those are not even representative of my normal game interests.

Final update: thanks to your help guys I ordered it! Got the walking dead one, a one year ps plus card, and the 20 dollar 16 gig card from gamestop. I will worry about getting games once I get the system haha [should be saturday!]

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I've enjoy my Vita quite a bit. StarvingGamer offers a great starting point.

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Yes absolutely, I got mine on black friday and love it. The screen is gorgeous, the UI is nice, having all your games there (if you go digital ) is great, the suspend feature works perfectly, if you get PS Plus you some great stuff and it just has a great line up of games in my opinion.

I agree with all of these and to add to list:

As for coming soon:

There are some I forget but also just a lot of small but great indie games that work great on a handheld, PSP/PS1 games and just plenty of multiplatform games that I find I'd rather be able to play in bed, on the couch or when I'm out and have some down time.

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Just purchased a Vita myself. Don't own, or plan to own anytime soon, a PS4.

For me, it's all about the staggering back catalog of Playstation 1 games. Tearaway is fantastic, Soul Sacrifice is a ton of fun, the Injustice port is arguably the best version of the game, but playing quick slices of Legend of Dragoon or Dino Crisis 2 on the go is an experience that justifies the purchase outright.

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People like to bitch and moan but the Vita has a fantastic library. Not having a PS4 should be a non issue. Being able to play PS4 games on a Vita is kind of neat but under normal circumstances you won't want to and it's really not a reason to purchase or not purchases Vita.

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Persona 4 Golden.

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@jjor64 said:

Persona 4 Golden.

Yeah, having beaten the PS2 game twice, I'm really enjoying the amount of new content in the game. While the story is exactly the same, they added a TON of side things, and did a lot of changes that make the game a lot more fun, though it does make it easier. It's the first time I'm playing it on hard mode, and so far I'm just having a blast.

Gravity Rush is also fantastic - being able to fling yourself around and do a bunch of awesome ninja-like tricks and stuff is such a thrilling thing. I also really like the art style in this game and how the cut-scenes progress, and I've liked every character to appear so far.

I also bought Virtue's Last Reward, since my 3DS version got a data corruption. While I was 10 hours into the 3DS version, and it sucks to have to redo it all, I'm just glad I'm getting a version of the game where I won't have to worry about that shit.

Gonna have to save this thread though for the other excellent suggestions.