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im playing through x, and got the snorlax, however never cared for that pokemon. maybe some of you have killed it by accident and want it? idk but id rather give it to another person then let it sit in my box.

i was really hoping that someone has a heracross or larvitar from y to trade me, preferably lower level less then 30 so i can use it lol.

lemme know!

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I don't need a snorlax, but will gladly trade you a larvitar for some X exclusives.

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pfft everyone has a snorlax. try again.

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@tehbull: I know everyone has a snorlax. Maybe they want 2..

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@evan223: who do you need. I will keep an eye out and catch one. I'm only 5 hours in

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how you not gonna like Snorlax like that :(

he's my favorite pokemon

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@luca717: I'll have a look tomorrow, it's pretty late here (UK) the Larvitars are level 1 btw.

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I am not a fan of Snorlax either.

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If it's a female, I'll gladly take it off your hands. :)

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I don't even own Pokemon X or Y but my answer whenever anyone asks if I want a Snorlax is always yes!

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@evan223: thanks man! level doesn't matter to me. with this exp share things seem to move fast. last i played was gold and silver a bit. only really got into blue and red this whole thing is new to me lol

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This makes me unreasonably sad. To the point where I want to take your Snorlax just to ensure it a loving home. With another Snorlax to play with.

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How can you not like Snorlax? He's basically a giant teddy bear that you can sleep on.

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The Snorlax comes back to the bridge after a while if you killed it.

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My 31 IV HP+DEF Relaxed Snorlax would eat your tiny Snorlax for breakfast!

(It only took 3 tries too!)

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i need a female snorlax