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If any UK residents can't wait for the game to be released tomorrow, I'd suggest going to your local Argos as they are selling it today, I've just picked up a copy of Y from the Argos near me.

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@evan223: True of all Argos? I got my copy yesterday (it's pretty good yo) but I might tell my cousin to go check.

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It seems nearly everyone is, I have heard tesco are, some game stores, my rental copy sent mine yesterday and I just put in my 3ds xl to start playing!

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@killercombo: I wonder why so many retailers are breaking street date if it's not just a cock up on Argos' end.

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ASDA are selling it today as well.

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@evan223: most people think: "games come out on a friday" I know in ASDA if you ask to buy the game when it gets scanned some times it says "don't sell before 12/10/2013" but its mainly for the big games (cod and fifa) and I have seen promotional boxes that don't have the release date on it.

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I picked it up today from Grainger Games, they also had stock in GAME. The guy in Grainger Games said that because Argos had broken the street date they (and all other video game retailers) could sell it today.

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Murica :'( I guess we wait till tomorrow

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Since I do not live in the UK, it looks like I will have to wait till tomorrow to pick up my copy of the game.

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Sigh, the wait is killing me. Only one more day though. I plan to buy it digitally off the E-shop.