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So yeah, hackers guys. These Pokemon have been rumored for awhile now, and this pretty much finally confirms them as legit. Volcanion in particular sounds the most interesting, as it is apparently a Water/Fire type. I'm a little disappointed with Mega Latios and Latias because they look pretty much the same.

I'm curious as to how these Pokemon will be obtained. I mean, I guess DLC is possible, but these Pokemon are technically already in the game, so the download would pretty much just be an unlocker of sorts? I could see a lot of people getting upset if that costs money. Hmmm...

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I was wondering if there'd be a new legendary trio. I also saw a picture of mew. I don't know if that's any indication of it being in the game or not, but It'd be cool if Nintendo gave us another chance to get our hands on the original event Pokemon. I had one years ago from a toy's r us event, but have since gotten rid of the cart I had it on.

Also, I like how Mega Latios looks like a robot airplane.

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Now you're sure that's not supposed to be "Mega Latinos/Latinas".


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@turtlebird95: I'd just assume they would give this as gifts or at special events. They've stated before they won't charge for pokemon, but I could see them using this as some sort of marketing ploy to convince fans to go see the new pokemon movie or go to a pokemon event.

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I wonder if they're use Nintendo Zone distribution, meaning I can change my SSID to attwifi or bestbuy, like Animal Crossing and get stuff from home, or if I'll have to inconspicuously drive over to a Gamestop parking lot. I would imagine some will be like that, others will just be Spotpass.

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@themanwithnoplan: He'll probably be an event Pokemon at like Gamestop or something. Which sucks for me because the nearest Gamestop is like an hour away.

@saturdaynightspecials On the bright side, I now know what nicknames to give mine when I catch them.

@i_stay_puft Yeah, Gamefreak has made it pretty clear they don't want to charge for any DLC, so my bets are on events. Which I guess I'm okay with, as long as they aren't a huge pain in the ass to obtain. (Probably would be pretty easy with the GTS)

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@turtlebird95: Well, the pattern lately with event Pokemon has been - Store event, then Wi-fi distribution. So more than likely if he does appears as an event in a place like Gamestop, not too long later, everyone can probably acquire one through the Mystery gift.

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I don't think I would call them a trio necessarily. I mean yeah there are 3 of them, but there's no consistent theme between any of them like there was with the birds, and the beasts and stuff. Volcanion seems pretty cool. I don't know about the other two.

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I want Diancie and Hoopa right now.

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@hunter5024: Changed. There could be some sort of story connection, but I guess for now it's hard to picture these things as a trio. (Given the previous legendary trios as you mentioned.)

@themanwithnoplan: Which Pokemon did they do that with?

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@turtlebird95: The only ones I can think of off the top of my head that specifically follows that structure is Keldeo and Arceus. Other than that, Nintendo has shown a consistent pattern of giving out legendaries, and other lesser but still uneasily obtained Pokemon, through Wi-Fi. A few relatively recent examples include Genesect, Darkrai, Deoxys and Victini.

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@themanwithnoplan: Wow I totally forgot about those! Yeah, I could see them doing that for these Pokemon.

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Looking at Mew has reminded me that I ultimately like the more simplistic Generation 1 designs more than I do the more recent ones.

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Looking at Mew has reminded me that I ultimately like the more simplistic Generation 1 designs more than I do the more recent ones.

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To be fair, the original Garchomp is already quite bitching.