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Other than False Swipe, and moves that cause sleep, are there any other things I need to worry about for training up a pokemon meant for catching other pokemon?

I've bred myself a few male Ralts, and I am planning on getting one of them evolved into a Gallede. Anyone recommend another type that would work better?

What are the particularly hard pokemon to catch? I think I ran across an Articuno earlier today, but it just fled before I could select a move. There are abilities that keep pokemon from running away right?

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Mean look prevents fleeing, thats a move though, not sure if there's an ability with the same effect.

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Mega Gengar, Wobbufett and Dugtrio all have abilities that trap wild pokemon and prevent fleeing.

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Wobbuffet isn't really an option for trying to catch other Pokemon though, haha. Pokemon running away isn't usually a problem though. I think I heard that the birds running away is a scripted thing and that they show up for a regular battle after doing that a few times. Either way, Wobbuffet is the only thing that would be able to trap a flying Pokemon on the first turn (barring hidden ability Gothitelle), and you'd have to get damn lucky to catch a legendary with a Wobbuffet.

You might want to consider a recovery move too.

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The only running pokemon I've encountered has been Abra, and quickballs solve that very easily.

For capturing pokemon I mostly used Absol. False Swipe and Thunder Wave. Obviously Thunder Wave isn't as good as sleep, but it does last forever. Also with Absol's ability False Swipe gets them to 1hp faster with crits more often, Especially since it's a low damage normal type move.

As for the hard to catch pokemon, just the legendaries are tricky, and they can't flee. The legendary bird will flee automatically the first 10 times you encounter it and then go to its final place so you can confront it.

I would definitely recommend getting a pokemon with that move that lowers PP on an enemy's move to cut through the PP on Recovery. That was very tedious on Mewtwo.

Other than that, lots of timerballs for after the 40th turn has passed will get the job done. Also make sure to not use the masterball on your encounter with the legendary title monster (Yveltal or Xerneas), since they're way easy to catch and you restart the fight if they die.

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I was surprised how easy it was to catch Yveltal when it came to it. I guess it makes sense that they want you to get it for plot development.

After a bit of searching, Spite is a move that lowers PP on the last move the enemy used. Shedinja learns that at lvl 25, and it also gets Heal Block at level 52. It will also accept the False Swipe TM, so I might train up one of those as well, and use Gallade and it as a team. I always loved using Shedinja back in Sapphire. Just got to make sure you know what hits and swap out when danger shows up.

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Is there only the one False Swipe TM in X/Y?

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You can reuse TMs now.

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Yeah, they changed that in Black and White because it really was a silly mechanic. Once you have a TM, you can use it forever.

In exchange, they made it a little bit harder to find some TMs, which I think is kind of cool and gives you a little bit more to do in the post game.

If you want to try it out to be sure, just save your game before using one.

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The roaming bird works a little differently in this game. You have to encounter it 10 times before it settles in at the Azure Bay Cave and you can't take any actions or prevent fleeing against it until then, even with abilities. You can track it on the Pokedex map once you've seen it once, but for me, it would seemingly jump to the other side of the map when I was heading toward it. There's probably an easier way to get it to come to you and checking with repels, or you could just go about doing other things and you'll eventually run into it 10 times. It was always the first encounter on the route I hit when it was there.

As for my false swiper, I have my Mawile with that, as it was the only Pokemon on my team that could learn it. And since TMs are reusable I can swap it back to something else if I wanted to later. It's not ideal though because I have to swap to someone else to status it, but nothing's been that hard to catch normally anyway. Remember to O-power before if you know something will be a pain.

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I haven't gotten the Capture O Power yet. I always forget to activate them. None of mine have leveled up.

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Every game I have ambitions of building the perfect catching team, though I always end up catching everything before I do. If I were to build one this game I would use Aegislash as my false swiper, because once he's done getting them to 1hp he can attempt to wall them with his shield forme. Breloom is the best pokemon for putting things to sleep because Spore is the only 100% accurate sleeping move. Though you have to reapply sleep every turn, so sometimes its better to just use something that knows thunderwave so you can just keep their status on there. As for runners you need something that knows Mean Look, because it prevents them from fleeing, this can also be accomplished with the abilities Shadow Tag and Arena Trap. Then of course you need a box full of Pokemon with the "Synchronize" ability, because if they are at the head of your party there is a 50% chance that the pokemon will be the same nature as them (hence the box full, one for each nature).

Honestly though, everything in this game is super easy to catch. Just slap false swipe and thunder wave on your pokemon and call it a day.

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You can reuse TMs now.


This changes everything, I'm using every TM I have right now.