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EDIT: This was a limited edition quest set. You're too late, sorry. 
New festive quest set just released! 
The set will be no longer available after christmas day, and a new quest will be made available every day till then. 

  • 12 Xtremely Named DS Gamez
Pages: 1 -  5
  Clue: The concept of this is Xtreme!  

  • 11 Unlucky Locales
Pages: 6 -  16
Clues by skrutop
    1. That's no moon     
    2. Where my sexy nurse zombies at?     
    3. For all the good he does, Mario usually rolls up and trashes this joint at the end of each game.     
    4. AC/DC thinks it ain't a bad place to be     
    5. Bring your Umbrella to this city.  It practically rains zombies.     
    6. We never go there.  Unless you're Gordon Freeman, that is.     
    7. The last place the One Ring wants to be.     
    8. Home to one big peeping Tom.  Also, lots of ring wraiths.     
    9. These hospital locations spend a fortune on toe tags.     
    10. The palatial home of one "Rad" Bionic Commando?     
    11. The afterlife location for those not on Santa's naughty or nice list.   

  • 10 Board Room Mandates
    Pages:  17 - 20
    Clue: Another concept makes this one easy. Try looking through related concepts for the right one.

  • 9 Adapted Adaptations
    Pages: 21 - 24
    Clues by JMartNWA
    2. Entirely too much neon, way too much with a legacy on the line 
    3. It's not Tommy Vercetti - but it's close, did not know Jack Kevorkian had style - and apparently the world 
    4. Marlon Brando's only cover appearance - not the Last Tango In Paris Game (hint) 
    5. Someone has an affinity for tater tots 
    6. "Can you dig it?"  
    7. Great voice cast... too bad you're "The Rookie" - and not Dennis Quaid - where is Ray Parker Jr when you need him?
    8. Cult classic involving boomstick and Sam Axe - the film, not the game... that thing sucks 
    9. Stuck in the middle with you    

  • 8 Games Found Wanting
    Pages: 24 - 27
    Clue: Developers do not want to find their game in this quest. Tip: Make sure to view the game overview page.

  • 7 Pitiful Platforms
    Pages 28 - 29
    Clue: The PS2 is famous for having a lot of a certain thing, what you are looking for did not.

  • 6 Unsuspecting Monsters
    Pages: 30 - 34
    Clues: 5 of these are the mortal enemy of a yellow guy in a recent Xbox Arcade hit
    This enemy of Mario only became so, when the game he appeared in was converted from an obscure Japanese game to a Mario game.

  • 5 Box Art Face Offs
    Pages: 35 - 38
    Clue: Emphasis on the OFF. A concept will help you again.

  • 4 Bestial Lead Men
    Pages: 39 - 43
    Clues by Ursus_Veritas
    1. This marsupial had their heyday on the Playstation 1, fighting a mad scientist with the help of a voodoo mask. 
    2. He's fast. Very fast. So fast, he could perhaps break the sound barrier! 
    3. Nintendo thinks that it's on like him so much, they trademarked such a statement recently.  
    4. Another hero whose brighter days were on the Playstation, but this draconic character has also found some success on the GBA too.    

  • 3 Celebrities Betting
    Pages: 44 - 47
    Clue: 3 celebrities featured in a game that recently had a quick look.

  • 2 Heroic Voices
    Pages: 47 - 50
    1. The most prolific voice actor in video games. The top a compass will point you in the right direction.
    2. The voice of a famous stealth games protagonist. His acting is solid.

  • And a Man Who Should Not Be Making Films 
    Pages: 51 - Last
    Clue: This is the most frequent offender of the TANG video feature.
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Really? Nice.

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It doesn't work...I went to almost every DS game that ends with "Z".

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Yeah, I don't think it's fully live yet. You can still view the quests though.
edit: It's live!

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Argh! Make it work GiantBomb crew! What's the point in letting us see the quest when it won't work!?!?!

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But it's supposed to start today, right? At least the first one doesn't have a date on it and the second one starts at the 14th.

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Edit: Quest is live
Franchise pagez are your friend, I only need to go to two franchise pages. 
1. What do you call an animal you keep in your home
2. Rhymes with Rug Ratz 
3.  No No No, don't shake the ____z
Remember, go to the franchise page which lists all the games at the bottom

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It's not working at all! The Image for the quest isn't showing either. D:

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I found one....it's a very equine game.
edit: complete!

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It'z working now. Just refreshed all the X-Treme pagez i waz on and it completed. Go nutz.

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One down, eleven to go.

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Yay I'm done. Also my brain hurts.

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Hint pleaze.

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There's a bunch of games that don't seem to work for no reason other than the z word is in the middle or beginning, which I think it really lame. 

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Cool...now I just need to do 11 more of these.  The last day should be pretty easy though :p

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Missing one. Damn.

#20 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

Was really easy once I found the correct concept page. Think of concept, and read the quest description again. :)

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There's a concept page for this, as well as franchise page for one of the most common offenders.

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@CrazyChris: This helped thanks.
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Just finished this. Was actually pretty easy considering you had to find 12 games, thank god DS gamez are so awezome, rightz?  ...z  
Right now, all I can think of is how stupid it looks when you replace s with z, and what a ridiculous number of DS games have done that.

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Never again!
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@CrazyChris: Thanks dude!
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haha that was a good quest!

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...a lot of them don't trigger.  I had to use Wikipedia to get the entire list of DS games, and then manually scroll down to find other ones.

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Easy and reminds me of a feature request: filtering and sorting of those lists would be nice (not limited to the quests..)

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Piece of cake!

#30 Posted by Xanth93 (510 posts) -

Not all of them are DS games. A Gameboy Advance game worked for me.

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Thanks for the tips
#33 Posted by xMrSunshine (380 posts) -

Completed. Holy fuck that was a lot of atrocious games -_-'

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Man, a lot of these didn't trigger that I thought would. 
Ended up going to Ubisoft's page and just go through all their games haha. 
Ironically this was the LAST of the 3 sets that I finished. Screened and Comic Vine's were easier compared to this.

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Got it!
Yeah, that concept and franchise pages definitely helped a lot.  Damn, there is a lot of shovelware crap on the DS.

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@AlwaysBeClothing:  I found Homie Rollerz and was like how the hell is this not one of them! I just finished this one too, and yes I was surprised at how many games each had in the franchise!
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Omg. I just finished it, and I can't believe we classify those as video games. Like.. they are. just. wtf. 
Edit: Oh right, we call them "video gamez" not video games. That makes sense.

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I just saw a picture of a rodent on rollerskates. This quest was awesome!

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Just finished, not hard after finding the right "concept"

#41 Posted by JJOR64 (19526 posts) -
@CrashRHCP said:
" Just finished, not hard after finding the right "concept" "
Yep.  The concept is really Xtreme if you know what I mean.
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i consider myself less of a man for completing this quest.

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I can only get 7 gamez to work, I've gone through every game that ends with Z on the concept-page. D:

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this is really broken. once I found the xtremely subtly hinted at concept page it became easier but not even all DS games on that page worked ...
finally completed it though

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Remember everyone you don't really complete this quest set until the 24th.

#46 Posted by MKHavoc (1303 posts) -

I'm stuck on 11 for some reason and am now going through the concept page for the third time.

#47 Posted by Xyber (305 posts) -

There we go, did all of them over again and now they worked. 

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Finally got it.  My 12th one wasn't immediately obvious.

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That was quite tricky to complete until I found the concept page. Another suggestion is that you go to one of the pages of the biggest offending titles - you should be able to spot them very quickly due to the sheer number of them.

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@MKHavoc:  Some of them are available for other systems as well
This quest ... infamy no wonder I hate casual "gamingz"