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I was looking at my limited edition quests and noticed this one magically appear.  I had not noticed it until today, and since it is listed under the 12 Days of Whiskey, which already had a Day 6 quest as 6 Unsuspecting Monsters, I have to think that this is an error as it also appears at the very bottom of the list.  I know for a fact I had done all of the days as I had checked them over a few times.
Has this happened to anybody else?  Any way of getting it fixed?  Thanks.

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Yep - got the same thing; an incomplete '6 Non-Explosives Sploding' quest at the bottom of the list, so the set is marked as incomplete.

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Will it get fixed?

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Hm. My set is marked as completed though I also get that  '6 Non-Explosives Sploding' under my incomplete quests. 
*eye twitch as he remembers he missed 775*

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My quest page tells me that I am still number 84 to finish, so atleast it's listed as completed.

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Did this happen just recently for you guys?  I do not check my quests everyday, so I wonder how long it has actually been there.

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It looks like it popped up with "The Little Guys" quest set.  I remember my uncompleted quests being at 186/216 before "The Little Guys" launched and now it's at 190/221.

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@Castle:  That is strange.  Hopefully it can be fixed without messing up the other quest.
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Just noticed this as well. Yet another expired Limited Quest.

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Same here and I noticed it last night

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It's got to be a bug. It's part of the 12 days of whiskey, but there was already a "6" quest and adding this one in makes there 13 quests in total. This must have been one of the ideas for day 6 that they ended up not using but forgot to delete.

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"6 Non-Explosives Sploding" was the original name of the sixth quest, but they changed it to what it is currently. Guess it somehow got readded.

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Originally, the quest was "6 Non-Explosives Sploding".  It was later changed to "6 Unsuspecting Monsters".  That's the quest that counts for the set.  From what it seems, this one wasn't removed.

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I've just noticed this. Damn it, it looks like in addition to putting the 6 Non-Explosives Sploding back on the list, it removed the completion bonus. This sucks...
EDIT: Or maybe it didn't. I dunno.

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@PhatSeeJay said:
" Hm. My set is marked as completed though I also get that  '6 Non-Explosives Sploding' under my incomplete quests.   *eye twitch as he remembers he missed 775* "
Yep, and yep ;-(
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this is for everyone who misses seeing it on their limited edition quest tab

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@onimonkii:Haven't seen that guy since June. I miss feeling Awesome...
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I just noticed this quest too... What's the deal with it, did they just add it to add more salt to the wound of people who missed 775?

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Yeah I just saw this...I know I finished that quest line as it has my completion number and everything. Now this is just ruining my perfect limited edition quest streak. Can we get this fixed or what?

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I just noticed this...weird

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@Mars_Cleric said:

I just noticed this...weird

Yeah it says the quest isn't completed, but the quest set IS.
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@antikorper: yeah I know what's up with that?

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@Mars_Cleric - obviously a bug that the staff were lazy to remove.

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I don't really do quests but got 775. I would gladly give it up to someone who cared, but unfortunately that is not possible.

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Let's hear it for bumping ancient threads!

But yeah, I'm in the same boat. pretty sure I actually did this one, yet it's still showing up under not completed (next to that STUPID 775 one...).

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It's been like this for months. There's a thread in the Bug Reporting forum that's collecting dust at this point. I'm sure they have tons to do, but it really does suck not to feel awesome anymore. :(