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Blast From the Past:

  • Doom and Quake have a lot of infamous weapons

Environmentally Hostile:

  • Both 360 and PS3 major shooter franchises contain worlds which aren't suitable for living.

Hot Blooded:

  • The guy is a God, for Christ's sake.
  • Many famous Marvel characters have temperament issues.

Heat of the Moment:

  • Those characters are protagonists in a few games where they can go nuts.
  • Heroes are no more among us.

New quest, yay! This one is Rage related.

Well, keep those hints coming.

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Environmentally Hostile, really no star wars answers? Shame!

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Finished first. And I tend to be dense on these quests.

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-the main character from a series which is all about killing god. he is never not angry (AND NEVER NOT YELLING)
-a recent game which made for a hilarious co-op(?) TNT. red truck or blue truck?

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Oh, GiantBomb, you're always so close to being broken when a new quest pops up.

Looks like this one doesn't have an obvious concept page where you can just go down the list until you get them all.

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#4! If only I hadn't had to take that bathroom break...

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The site becomes unusable when a new quest pops up.

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>That Large Freaking Firearm is impressive.

>It's the Superman of Shotguns.

>There's something from the hardware store inside my firearm. Oh well, might as well use it.

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#6. I haven't had finished a quest that quickly in a while.

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I need a planet, a game with rage and an angry dude.

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I'm struggling. I've got the characters and the weapons but I can't get the planets or the games. I have 1 planet (from another recently released game) and 1 game that uses rage (not even totally sure which it was but I think it was a different recently released game) but everything else (even if it flat out says it has a rage meter in the description) is popping the quest. So... with the site all but unusable right now I think I'll just back off for a bit.

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@groin said:

The site becomes unusable when a new quest pops up.

Its pretty lame..I click things and nothing happens.

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Goku and Vegeta don't count for Hot Blooded? No Planet Namek for Environmentally Hostile? You kiddin me?

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I guess I'll wait until a little later. I didn't play much id games as a child nor intend to anytime soon so this quest is pretty much impossible for me without hints.

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Can't figure out more answers to Environmentally Hostile, I know one is the home world of a certain group of British Space Nazis

Edit: Another is the home planet of one of the three races in Starcraft

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World of Warcraft, a game with a skill called rage doesn't utilize rage? ok.

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Pretty disappointed that MK vs DC isn't one of the games.

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@Marino said:

Pretty disappointed that MK vs DC isn't one of the games.

That was another one I was pretty disappointed with.

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If you've played Animal Crossing you'll know one of the answers for Hot Blooded.

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Got all of the planets, but I'm one short on everything else.

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@GoodAssLettuce: One of those is a world full of Gears with wars

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-This planet is kind of a stretch
-Its a Mad World.

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I can't figure out one more hot blooded person. I got the obvious one but after that...

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#24 to finish! Not my best, but pretty good.

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I can't figure out the last weapon.

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I'm still missing 2 rage games seeing as how there was no WoW, MK vs DC or primal rage (which was a stretch).

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for hot-blooded, try to look at comic book characters.

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@benson: soon as you said that, I checked Carnage...doesn't work, typical :P

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The Postal Dude isn't hot blooded? That's all that that guy is.

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@Mystyr_E: now try with someone who's at the opposite end of the color spectrum

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#34! Would've been faster if it werent for the fact that the site slowed down to a crippled hobble, probably because of everyone trying to get the quest.

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This is my last quest, I'm out. These quests make me rage too much

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Need two more games for heat of the moment.

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@Mystyr_E: The Animal Crossing hint helped me out. I instantly knew who to take a look at.

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@benson: Might as well say that he is green. And he smashes things. A lot.

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Need help with the rage meter one. I have one that is full of zombies and a comic book game, I just need one more.

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#36. With a bullet. The weapons were somewhat easy. The rest, not so much.

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@amorbis said:

If you've played Animal Crossing you'll know one of the answers for Hot Blooded.

That character is not someone I would have thought of initially, but good call. He's definitely far beyond just gettin' mad!
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How is General Sarrano not part of hot blooded. all he does is swear.

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World of Warcraft not being an answer for Heat of the Moment is just ... wrong. Any hints? I need one more.

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#51, would've been sooner if I thought of other hot blooded guys..........least saying that was for a quest and not, yeah nevermind

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#49. I had some trouble with this one (I've barely played Doom, and never played any Quake), so the weapons were tough until I started going through all the Doom and Quake pages.

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For Rage there's 2 comic related answers

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@amorbis: A devilishly cool beta was recently released for one of the games.

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Quote from WET wiki page: 'The game shifts dramatically to a more stylized look, and this is known as "Rage Mode."' So, um...

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There is another comic book/movie game that works for the Heat of the Moment quest. It has a really good late title card.

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Missing one of the damn weapons.

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@Xtrminatr said:

World of Warcraft, a game with a skill called rage doesn't utilize rage? ok.

yeah, it was the first game to come to mind since i had played a warrior main for about 2 years.
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For those looking for a good rage game, think of the biggest baddest green dude you know.

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@amorbis: Snikt, bub.