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I am stuck on only 1 entry. You have to find others like Nathan Drake so I got the obvious one with the big rack and the other obvious one with the 3 good movies and one bad one but now I am stumped. Any suggestions?

Thanks if so.

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Maybe 3 golden triamgles can help out
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I'll make it easy for you. You're looking for the protagonist of a popular Nintendo series.

Oh, and we already have a thread for hints for this quest. You should've just asked for help there.

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ah thanks guys. I did a search for Archeology 101 in the forum but I didn't see anything so thought I would just ask. I should have searched for the Main Quest Name I guess. Oh well. Cheers though.

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We already have a thread for quests in the Destination Unknown set here and as Haylett seems to have solved the quest I'm locking this thread.