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Hey everyone for a long time I have been watching the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood quick look to try and complete the quest set and the site never seems to register the action. I have done this on several different machines (PC,Mac and iPad) and it doesn't seem to be working...anyone else having trouble with this? P.S The PC I used was running Windows 7, the Mac was running OSX Snow Leopard and my iPad has the latest firmware 4.2.1

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There were two quick looks, if I recall.

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@DeeGee said:
" There were two quick looks, if I recall. "
Yeah, this might be it. There was a separate QL for the multiplayer beta.
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Same problem that I've seen in other posts as well, have watched both Quick Looks all the way through a few times and the quest hasn't registered. Last one I need on the set too...