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Not sure quests is the right forum for this, but it seemed suitable since this is a quest for adding a new concept.

Since butt jiggle has its own concept, so should butt attacks. Here are the most famous butt attackers:

First, by far the most famous one:

Princess Peach (Smash Bros.)

Then, lots of others:

Rainbow Mika (Street Fighter Alpha 3)

Cassandra Alexandra (Soulcalibur)

Sophitia Alexandra (Soulcalibur)

Aska (Turtles: Tournament Fighters)

Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters 2000 and onwards)

Candy (Fighting Vipers)

And there are lots more than these. How do you create a new concept? Pledge to mods?

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Quests :O ?

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Quests :O ?

Sorry if it's wrong, my English isn't that good.

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Butt quests!

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There is no way that the Asylum Demon from Dark Souls is not on this list. Forget his axe, that duder's biggest weapon is his posterior.

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I'm pretty certain a very similar thread was created... maybe a year ago from now, discussing the idea of creating a concept page for 'butt attacks'.


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Surely this is referred to as "rear ending"?

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@gkhan said:

Surely this is referred to as "rear ending"?

Are you trying to rear end his Butt Attack?

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@tehvenom: Please don't resurrect junk threads like this one if you can help it. Thanks.