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It's just plain awesome.   I had to change my depends.

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It's pretty cool, but a little overwhelming at first. Took me a good 10 minutes to figute out what the feature really is.

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it's very nice, but i hope people have FUN with it and don't clutter the site's forums with questions asking how to complete quests. 

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It's really cool, but all the people spamming blog posts in the off-topic forum makes me facepalm.

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Gaaah! I has fucked up everything for me. I can't even answer this poll. Damn it! The whole site is so damn slow too. I havent even been able to really check out what its about since the lag is unhuman. But if they fix the lag, then I hope it'll be awesome for me too. But for now, /hate.

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I voted 'other (please specify)'. Yes, they're a nice idea. But I'm not so sure they're a good idea. First of all, what is GiantBomb? I'll quote the site on that 

Giant Bomb is the world’s largest editable video game database.

 It's an editable game database. In other words, it is a wiki. And to me, a wiki's main point should be the wiki. Of course due to the fact this is both a wiki, and a community, then there had to be forums. Personally, I saw someone who was experienced with the wiki as being an experienced user overall. But I'm not so sure now, because hey, someone who is a Level 10 on the Quests is probably experienced as well. Some of the quests sorta ask too much of users as well. If you didn't visit the site much, then you're not going to have a bloody clue about that Limited Edition quest. It's by sheer luck I got it, and I come on here daily to post in the forums, edit wikis, and do stuff around the site that I enjoy doing. For example, today alone I edited every single page on the Juiced game series to add more information and generally improve the database. And now it turns out that doing that might well not be the future of Giant Bomb. So I'm not sure about the whole idea of Quests. If they ask too much of users by being too cryptic, or working in an advanced way with the site, then I'm not for them. I don't think I like the idea of Limited Edition quests, more than anything. I feel all users should be able to get a chance to earn the same awards: like it is on Xbox LIVE and the PSN. Granted, some stuff glitches and that doesn't always work out, but at the same time it does not tell you there are only 1000 of the achievements that can be unlocked. So everyone gets, or at least got, a chance at unlocking them at the start anyway.
As a completionist, and someone who can happily spend an hour just browsing the site to try and find something that is incomplete to fix, I dislike Quests altogether. I want to complete everything, and to be able to get as much done as possible ASAP. And this is incredibly hard to balance if I'm trying to be a more frequent contributor to the forums, and I'm trying to get 20,000 wiki points. But now I'm also going to have to try and write a meaningful update everyday, write a blog, and ensure that I'm following enough people? Not my style.


While I personally am not entirely convinced by quests, I can see a lot of users here are. And therefore I'm perfectly happy to stand back and let them continue to keep rolling in. Will I enjoy them? Yes, if they are fun. And that's what a site about games really comes down to. Fun.
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Yeah, I enjoy it.  I can see it not being of much relevance to me in the future as it practically doesn't do anything, the levels I mean.  I think I'd be awesome if they were integrated more into the forums or something.  Adding a tag or something below your username based on the achievements you've gained or little things like that.

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I don't like it because it kinda give this place a myspace or facebook feel with people competing (just like they would for online friends) for levels.
oh, and it is really slowww. really

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I think it's great. The next step should be real life achievements. Taking a picture of yourself eating a hamburger and posting it in the forums would be a great one. 

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Its pretty cool and slick looking.
But the lag is pretty much unbearable. I need lightning fast internet connection speed to navigate through the site. -_-

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I'm wondering if the fun of doing wiki scavenger hunts will wear off after a while.  I understand there are meta-achievements for using site features, but the bulk of it is these mystery page quests.

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I did until 100 blogs with them all saying "hi" in the last hour.

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I like the Quest update, other than this site is now slow and at points unresponsive, but I think that should be sorted out in few days and then everything will be running at normal speed again...I hope.

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Thing is, I already stumbled upon a few pages I'll consider filling in (I have to plan it due to my browser not being supported all too well on GB) because I went browsing to finish up a few quests.
Add to that that you'll be getting experience for Wiki edits from the sound of things to come... I can see this future helping the database out a lot.

I like it!
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The main problem I've noticed with hiding the quest bar is that it doesn't show your messages or number of friends online while it's hidden. Also, it has disappeared as of now, which is probably a bug.

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Honestly, I don't get it.  I see an XP bar at the bottom (I'm a level 2) and after reading Jeff's introduction I went to the linked "Rat" page and then...well, nothing.  I don't know what is supposed to happen next or what I am supposed to do.  As for the passive stuff, I'm not going to write a blog unless I have something to say.  This was how I worked my blogs before and will continue to do them that way.  Besides, most of them are just me getting all nostalgic over stuff I liked before many of you were born.  Maybe that's the problem with the system. I'm just too old to understand it.  Like stereo instructions or text messaging. I think I'd have an easier time assembling an Ikia tea-server than figuring out this quest thing.  Ah well, at least I can choose to ignore it.  Well, except for the excruciating lag right now, but I'm sure that will pass in a couple of days.

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Yup loving it, am #4 on the site to finish the rpg quest set which is pretty cool!

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If only I knew how to get rid of the xp bar.
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It's beyond awesome. But it straight up has broken the god damn site. I can't even vote in the poll. I'm a bar away from level 7 but I can't take the AWFUL load times.

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But the header of the site is ruined and looks awful. It's like the site is upside down.

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I'm diggin the quests. Hope the site gets back to full speed soon though.

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The load times are terrible and when will I get my S-Rank EXP? I NEED THEM NOW

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Ever since it got put it, I feel like everything on this site got a whole lot slower.

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cool feature this is why  i love this gaming site

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@ImmortalSaiyan: bottom right there's a X icon
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I'm just waiting to strike, maybe when I'm dead.

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Not so much, no.
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No. Such a system is always a bad idea, turning people into idiots.

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No, I want to be able and x it out at least, if it has to be there at all. Exit completely that is, not just minimise it so it shows my nickname reminding me who I am...

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I'm starting to like that feature.

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I voted "other" yesterday, but I better understand what's going on now.  I use Firefox and have some script blocks up so nothing was happening when I clicked anything.  I've fixed that now and can see what's what.  So I revise my answer to NO, I don't like it but I can still choose to ignore it which is good.  However, GB needs to move all the quest related threads to their own message board.  Anything related to hints, discussions or thoughts about the quests should be separated out from the General and Off Topic discussion boards so that people just want to talk about games can without having to scroll past all the quest chatter.  I hate dropping into a thread that seems to be about a real topic worthy of discussion and finding out it's just a quest-clue topic.  
Also, the lag is still horrendously bad.  I have a crappy connection to begin with and this just makes things much worse.  I might lay low for a few days until the kinks are ironed out. 

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I'm enjoying the addicting little thing. The only thing I dislike is that eventual 1 word posts for people trying to get certain quests. I mean if you are going to wander around and post, put a little feeling to it! (I did this though and I still get pinned. Maybe you just can't win?)

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can't say I'm fond of it, even though I've succumbed to it's will.

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I didn't retroctivly get credit for getting a review featured. :(

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I think it's pretty good, they should have it all worked out soon.

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I dont see the point of it.

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@Meowayne said:
" No. Such a system is always a bad idea, turning people into idiots. "
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I think its a bunch of crocodile bullshit

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What does "Sync your account with an outside achievement provider" mean?

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Takes forever to load.

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it's alright. i don't care to much for things like these. i just come here to talk about vidoe games. what ever i get from posting than it will be a good thing.

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Seeing how there are "Need hints for a quest!" threads flooding the forums, I voted "No".

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@atomic_dumpling said:
" Seeing how there are "Need hints for a quest!" threads flooding the forums, I voted "No". "
They need to make a board for the quest hint people, and lock the threads flooding the main forums. I joined this site to read interesting video game related threads, but as long as people are doing this scavenger hunt, there isn't going to be much of that. 
It's a fun little feature, but it ruins my original purpose for joining this site.
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I'm not having any speed issues and I think the idea and implementation is nothing short of genius. Very, very impressed.

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I like it a lot. Everything about it is pretty sweet, except for the spam that I have to write =]

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This thread is hilariously broken and keeps showing up on the front page. Maybe if I post, there won't be a blank space where the name of the last poster would be, or it'll get locked because I bumped it!
EDIT: Solid. Fixed it, apparently.

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I just signed yesterday to giantbomb and discovered randomly the quest feature. Since then, my life has fallen in a vortex of dependence, cause these damn quests are as much useless as addicting! Aaaargh!